1. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    hey, ive been doing slimming world for bout 4ish months now and although it has worked wonders for me im finding it amazingly hard to stick to for the last month so i was thinking of stopping for 2 or 3 months and doing just healthy eating to see if i will still lose weight. is there anyone else that just does healthy eating or do you think it doesnt work because you dont have a set layout of what you can eat?? ( so will end up thinkin 'oh just one more thing to eat'.) i have also started going to the gym if that makes a difference of the best plan to choose? i really need some advice pleaseeeeee.....
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  3. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar Silver Member

    I have just stuck to healthy eating all along and going to the gym.

    It does work but I realised I was eating too much so you have to stop the binging and control the treats and replace the junk with healthy food, allowing the odd treat and go to the gym, although you can loose weight without going to the gym, up to a point.

    so if you can do that then you will suceed and it is one step closer to a healthier lifestyle

    also this is advice from someone who doesnt have much of a problem anymore and enviroment was one of the factors of me gaining weight because i lived with my grandmother, so it may take a while for you to change gd luck
  4. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    how much have you lost doing this if you dont mind me asking??

    also im not very educated on whats healthy and whats not, is there anywhere on the forum that will give me an idea??
  5. jazz86

    jazz86 Full Member

    calorie counting
    perhaps try weight watchers ? you can eat what u like as long as u count the points it will also help u learn whats good and whats not through the point value
  6. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i dont think i could do that cause i was struggling to stick to slimming world so i think i would struggle to stick weight watchers. i duno what it is with slimmin world i really enjoy it its just only lately i find it so hard to stay on track n found myself gettin more and more into my old habbits
  7. Taz

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    Healthy eating alone works but you do have to be aware of nutrition and what is and isn't good for you. I think most people have struggled the last month due to it being the silly season and it is hard to get back into it. You could try the healthy eating for a month and see if that produces the same or better results. Whatever you do food wise, I would say that the gym is a good idea. Good luck with whatever you decide to do x
  8. Lil K

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    You could try calorie counting & exercise along with making 'healthy choices'.

    www.weightlossresources.co.uk is a good site to set you on the right path of eating healthily as you have a food diary to record everything you've eaten along with the composition of those foods (ie fat/carbs/protein etc). It lists all sorts of foods, branded as well as basic items.

    You set a target weight you want to be and how much you want to lose each week and it gives you a calorie value to stick to in order to meet that target.

    It is a fee paying site, but they also offer free trials (usually 24hrs) to see if its for you.

    There are also some other sites that offer the same sort of thing without fee payment - im thinking 'food focus' may be one of them?

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do
  9. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i think i had ago at calorie counting before slimmin world and found it tooo hard. is there like a food diary bit for healthy eating so someone could tell me if im doing wrong?? cause i think taz is right, i should give this ago for a month and see how it goes and if it doesnt work ill go back to what i know does work! thanks guys
  10. Rayven

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    Healthy eating coupled with exercise on a daily basis is surely what all of us aspire to isn't it? Its what we'd all love to be able to do but can't - hence being on a diet in the first place.
    Hun, after doing slimming world, you already know what a healthy diet is & i'm sure you'll find sticking to a healthy way of eating a lot easier after being on SW for a few months anyway. Remember if you're going to the gym on a regular basis, you may be building muscle in which case your scales may not register any weight loss but you'll be losing inches.
    Whatever you choose i'm sure you'll do great. Good luck. x
  11. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar Silver Member

    yeah i had that problem of giving up the gym for a while because the scales wernt changing you just have to stick at it.

    well I lost 16 pounds on healthy eating and excersise but I am now a healthy weight for my hight, but im sure my dad did loose a few stone through healthy eating alone,

    i did see this program on tv these teenagers who went somewhere to loose weight and they spent the entire day walking up hills and things and it said they were sticking to 12 grams of fat everyday, which were eaqual to several packets of crisps didnt catch how many, and i was suprised at some of the hidden fats.
  12. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i think i will be ok with the muscles weighing more. do they make a huge difference then? i still havent lost a dress size tho so im hopeing the gym will help me with that. i just want to get to the healthy bit on bmi chart and feel good about the way i look! its just annoying that it takes so long!
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