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advise please! Giving up!

Hi all. I have been on dukan for 3 weeks now & have lost 8lbs which I'm really chuffed about. I only wanted to lose a stone so I'm half way there.

The past week I've been feeling really ill, tired to the point of exhausted & faint. I really don't want to give up but I also don't want to be ill. I more worried than ever about putting all the weight back on!

Should I move on to another diet? Start calorie counting? Ww? Sw? Help!!

Obviously Im not going to go away and stuff my face with carbs, I've missed them but not as much as I thort. It's more about me having no energy. Advice please.
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Niche, my advice would be to stop trying to lose more weight and concentrate on healthy eating to maintain the weight you are - so that you can feel fit, well and happy, now and in the future.

You have an entirely normal and healthy weight and BMI for a woman of your height.

Please - stop making yourself ill trying to force your body to do something it does not want to or need to do.


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To which I would add - rather than stop dead, why not try doing a few weeks of conso, to let your body adjust to eating carbs again.
i second that .....dukan is not for people with a normal bmi range and you risk doing your kidneys serious damage if you carry on


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Also, have you been making sure your PV days have been vegetable-y enough? (i know I could just check your diary to see this!) I found that when I moved into Cruise, I didn't really take advantage of the PV days enough initially, but then felt much better when I started incorporating more vegetables and salads.


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My struggles with weight started when I was 18 and was signed by a modelling agency - I weighed 132 lbs, had a 36 B-cup and a 24 inch waist. They told me I needed to lose at least 20 lbs if not 25 before they would send me on assignment. They gave me a very low calorie diet and extreme exercise regimen to follow. I did so, at 118 pounds I was hospitalized because I was starving myself and I couldn't stand up anymore, my kidneys were failing, and I couldn't maintain a normal body temperature. Please be very careful and get yourself checked by your doctor.


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I agree with Scrumps and Atropos - this diet is inappropriate for people in a normal weight range.

A couple of weeks of Conso will be great for you.

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