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advise please please please

Hello everyone,

Firstly i just want to say how great this forum is and all the advise and help you all give is fab.

I am on day 7 and have lost 8lbs in total which I am chuffed to bits with. When I started I had quite a few negative people around me, saying I wouldnt stick to it and I will only put it all back on again. However I am feeling really great about myself and more than anything want to stick to it but..... I have a meal to go to tomorrow and I cant get out of it!! I just dont know what to do. Will it make a big difference if I eat something?

My first few days on LT were hell but I pushed past it and now I dont have any cravings for food.

I suppose my question is... If I eat tomorrow night, will I be back to square 1? I would appreciate any advise

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Hi Lou lou,

congrats on the weight loss, its excellent. I have had lots of meals I had to have but I was quite determined and inventive with the lies...my advise is to NOT have that meal, u are not re-feeding and you run a huge risk of putting on most of what u lost (I know its mad since its just 1 meal but what u lost this week is mainly water and since you are just recently in ketosis you will just replenish all your glycogen stores) No matter how careful you are I'm afraid your hard work will be undone. I hope I'm not coming across as a know it all because I'm really not, its so tough this diet, its so strict but its the diet we chose and it is 100%...now here are some of the inventive lies I used to avoid eating:
- I have a blood test and can't eat anything, only water
- You have a stomach bug
- you have diorrhea
- you got called in to work at the last minute and can't make it
- you are doing a sponsored fast for charity for 24hrs
Good Luck!
I would advise against it and stick to it 100% because you will push yourself out of ketosis and have to do all the hard work to getting back into it. If you cant get out of going, can you not meet for drinks afterwards and just drink water? Thats what I used to do. It was hard and I didnt have a good social life last time I did this but I wanted to avoid temptation.
Well done on your loss, I had a planned refeed over easter due to a trip away and I have found it really hard to get back too 100% I lost in the two weeks i had 2 shakes and a no carb meal and until this week i put on 2lb also totm so I don't regret refeed but my ability to stick 100% is no where like my first month which I found quite easy, I can't tell you what to do but I hope this will help if it makes any sense!!!
Thanks for the advise everyone. I think I will just have to make my excuses and not go. I really dont want to start over again. I feel the best I have in ages and I am in such a positive state at the moment (dont know where its come from) but I dont want to ruin all my hardwork
Well done for being strong and determined. This diet is so darn difficult and there will be many hard points throughout but just keep focussed 100% because you've done so well and you will soon be one of the success stories that will inspire 're-newbies' like me!!!
Good for you, all the best!!


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Its so hard isn't it - I had the same thing last weekend and was hassled so much as to why dont I just have one drink and a bit of food and it took all my will power to say no and I actually felt upset that my so called friends and family were trying to push me so much - but I'm so glad I refused as come weigh-in the next day I'd lost 13lb! Which made me feel great. There is no way i would've done this as one drink would've turned into 10 and a bit of food into eating half the buffet (hence me being 6 stone overweight). You have to do what is right for you, but for me its an all or nothing diet so thats the way it has to be for me as I need to understand my relationship with food.


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Totally agree with what everyone says.....from experience and finding out the HARD way; make your excuses! LT is hard enough without putting yourself through that and back out of ketosis....at the end of the day, it is your life you are trying to get back and believe me, people will be more than willing to help you cut that short :) They dont want you to be slim sexy looking so they will try all in their power (not all, but most) to stop you from doing LT!

I was on LT for 14 wks last week and went to many functions and didnt eat, etc....but best is to avoid right at the beginning as the temptation is just too hard.

I have also been in the situation where I thought a little bit of chicken will satisfy that need, and oh boy, it was a slippy slope afterwards; something just seemed to snap in my mind and all my good work was undone.

Do it the sensible way, keep with LT till your goal, then refeed and oh boy, then the hard work of maintaining comes!!! But, give yourself a fighting chance and just dont eat for now!

Know you have made your decision, already, which is good, but just wanted to put in my wee experience :)
Hi everyone

Thanks so much for all your comments and support, its such a big help.

Well..... I just told my friends straight as I hate telling fibs and only get caught out in the end!! and part of me was ashamed to tell people that I am on LT but why should I be??? Its my body and there is nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself. Anyway... They were absoloutly fine about it and much more supportive than i thought.

So the upshot of it is, is that I don't have to go tonight so I can stay 100% on my LT :)
Aw well that's great that they were so supportive. I struggled a lot when I was on LT cz none of my 'friends' were very helpful. I fell out with a lot of them because they just wouldnt understand why I had to do it and why I wasnt coming out and getting hammered every weekend. It was upsetting but I realised that they were being really immature and disregarding my feelings. After all, doing such a dramatic diet isnt a fleeting decision! Good for you being 100%
Good for you Lou Lou,

I'm glad you didn't eat because I can only imagine how difficult it must be getting back to 100%. You will be delighted now when you have your weigh in :)
I kind of understand the feeling ashamed but again I don't understand it, maybe its the admittance that you felt your weight had demanded a drastic action plan. Put you know what I saw fair play to us all who do this because you are right, we are only trying to make ourselves healthier and make the best of our bodies. Good luck with the rest of your journey! xx

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