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Affect Of Refined Sugar On Eyes!?!


Not dieting ATM!
Hello friends

Hoping you can help me.:)

In general I don't like sweet foods. I don't like sugar in drinks, I find juices too sweet I even dislike ripe fruit always preferring slightly under ripe or sour. I can't bear to add sugar to cereal or anything really. I really enjoy a cake or some chocolate but always like a strong black coffee or black tea to wash it down with.

But I have a tendency to binge on refined sugary foods. I completely shock myself how much I can eat during a day. I tend not to eat normal foods on those days too. So my body is getting a completely shocking amount of sugar in one go. Physically one of the first affects is on my eyes but it doesn't seem to stop me in fact maybe makes me worse!??

I know I must have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes as my mum has developed it in old age and I had three pretty large babies too.

I think what I am hoping is that you will be able to confirm to me that I am damaging my eyes and that the blurry tired eyes I have now is directly linked to this abnormal eating. I hope that if I know rather than guess that this is causing me damage that information will shock me into stopping the sugar binges. Or at least get me one step closer to stopping them.

I am a firm believer in taking personal responsibility for my health and eating and shocking myself into taking action.

So do your best to tell me as it is, especially if you have a medical background and know that the blurry tired eyes are a direct result of the sugar binges. I have had various blood tests in recent years and they have always come back as normal so I put it to the back of my mind but of course I know I must be doing myself harm. I guess I just want a little more evidence and urgency.

Hope this all doesn't sound completely wet. Not expecting anyone to say anything that will cure me but you never no what will make a difference. I'd really like to be able to finally take some steps to stop this disgusting behaviour that serves no purpose and provides no pleasure.

Any views, information welcome.

Dizzy x
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Eating too much sugar does alter the blood chemistry! What effect that's likely to have on your eyes?? Best person to ask is an Optician..... they know more about eyes than Dr's do. Maybe you need to get your eyes tested next time you binge on sugary things?
I agree with Lesley. It would be worth having an annual eye test as opticians can pick up the start of diabetes symptoms before they become a problem. As you have a family history of diabetes, its worth taking extra care of your eyes, as retinopathy can occur due to raised blood sugar levels;

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious eye condition that can result from diabetes. The retina is the light sensitive area at the back of the eye, which acts rather like the film in a camera. It converts light rays into electrical impulses, which are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain. The retina contains a network of tiny blood vessels, which can be damaged as a result of elevated sugar levels in the blood. This damage leads to diabetic retinopathy.
With Diabetic Retinopathy, the areas of your vision may be blocked out where scar tissue has formed, leaving you with patches of sight in your visual field. This can make orientation difficult, as you do not have a full visual appreciation of your environment. As central vision loss is also part of this condition, you will also probably experience difficulty in reading and seeing other fine detail as described above. Furthermore, driving may be prohibited, depending on the severity of your sight loss.


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I can testify that having too much sugar can cause your eyesight to go off on a wobbly.

If I drink real coke I start getting fuzzy blurred vision, it effects the outsides of my vision and i cant read head on but have to read to the side. what i look at head on is hazed out.

i was pre diabetic but i ended up with normal results - yet i still get this eye thing if i overdose on real coke.

funnily enough i dont get it with choccy, but there must be more sugar in 2litres of coke - it was coke i gave up, i never gave up choccy, so it might be i am super sensitive to the delicious evil amber nectar!

but yes, eyes and sugar definate link. i can manage a can of coke but thats my limit, a bottle is out of the question.

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