After a disastrous week at a different slimming club....

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    .... I return to Weight Watchers with my tail between my legs, begging to be taken back!

    I've lost a lot of weight with WW many times, but have always fallen off the wagon. For that reason, after a very indulgent Christmas, I thought I might try something different, something without counting and limits - what a mistake!!

    I went to the other slimming group (I don't think I need to name names!), and have stuck to it religiously only to gain 3lbs in my first week!!!! :eek: Now, as a WW veteran, I know it's possible to have fantastic losses in the first week, in fact, you expect it! On WW I'd be disappointed with a 2lb loss in the first week, so you can imagine my horror at gaining 3lbs in my first week. The strange thing is, despite knowing I'd been absolutely angelic and had followed the plan to a T, I knew before I stepped on the scales that I was heavier than I was last week. How could I have lost weight? I've been eating huge bowls of pasta twice a day for a week, because on this plan I can have limitless pasta apparently! I simply felt heavier, my tummy was larger and rounder!

    Anyway, I'm not here to bash other slimming clubs or diets. I know that this other plan must work for some people because it's a huge, reputable organisation and I know several people (including my mum) that have had wonderful results on it. But it simply didn't work for me and I'm heavier than ever! I was feeling really blue and depressed about it this weekend, but things are looking up. My foray into unchartered territory has taught me a valuable lesson; if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Weight Watchers has always worked wonders for me, I just need to stick to it. I've learnt that actually WW is the only thing that works for me, and I think that will be enough to make me keep going, even when I hit target. I know other people like plans that don't involve counting, but I've learnt that I need limits - I'm greedy!

    So, I am back!! Hello everyone. After gaining an extra few pounds on top of my holiday weight, I can anticipate a great first week loss on WW.

    Has anyone else had any shocking experiences on other diets?

    x x x x x x x x
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    Best thing about WW is that you don't have to cut out treats or feel guilty for having them, as long as you know your limit by points then that's it :)

    I have dieted a lot before, and nothing has worked, mainly because i'm a huge fussy eater! lol and so when i saw diets and it says eat this and this at lunch dinner etc, im like no way! :D but with WW i eat when i want, what i want... but do it within points :)

    Good luck with it, i have to admit when i started i though yeh ok lets see how long i last on this one... i usually give up and in after a week... but nearly 4months in and almost 2stone lighter i'm still going :) you can do it!! xxx
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    Hi, I am new to this site also, and like you have been there, tried different diets and lost and gain it all back plus more, I have done diets from the Atkins to the lipotrim, yes lost loads but again the weight piled on, but I haven't tried that diet you tried, I'd be afraid that I wouldn't really know when you stop eating...... as there is no real limits of when to stop eating, I am now doing the Weight Watchers diet since the end August 2009 and my last weight in before Christmas I had lost over 3 and a half stone, (didn't get weighed last week due to weather but will get weighed on Thursday to see what I lost over Christmas). This was the first Christmas that I never broke my diet, which for me is a miracle.

    To start make sure you put everything in your tracker that has helped me, and I still have all of them so I can see what I have eaten on a good week to have a good weigh loss. In the beginning when you are not use to the points it can be very confusing, but give it time, what I did was I wrote a list off all the food I eat and like on a sheet with the points beside it and stuck it up on the inside of the food press, which is handy and you don't have to look through the points book all time as you will get fed up doing this after a while, and take it one day at a time and dont think about what you have to loss, because if I started doing that I think I would have given up long ago...

    Its funny now I dont see food as food I see it all as points.
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