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After a month off and being a pig.. Im back... Please help

S: 16st0lb G: 10st0lb
Hi guys
After losing 2st 1lb in 3 weeks in end aug/ sept. I came off the wagon... Had sooo many trips away, my birthday and social events I just couldn't stick to it. Today, after my friends baby shower and to much food, I'm back and in need of help... I'm so frustrated with myself cos I did so well before! And I've put 10lbs of the weight back on in little over a month off. And am back in my 'fat' clothes.

I am in day 1 of ss (4shakes, I'm 5ft 8) and have 4 stone to lose! And I'm STARVING!!!!! I just keep telling myself, I could just eat healthily, cos I do lose weight easily eating healthily too, but once I eat I can't stop... The complete break from food is my only option... But it's soooo hard!!!!

My bf is very slim (and supportive of whatever I do) but he wants me to lose the weight to what makes me happy, I was only about a stone less wen we met, but I was comfortable, he hates seeing me feel so rubbish about myself. I'm 29 and feel like I've only got a few years to dress in a young fashion (I look alot younger than I am, can't go out without I.d) but feel like I have to hide my fat body away.

I just want to look and feel good, why isn't this motivation enough.... Cos I'm battling already and have only been up 4 hours!!! And have had 1 shake!!!! Arrrrgggghhhh
Please can any 1 offer support/motivation?
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I done this diet 2 years ago and lost 8.5 stone in 5.5 months kleep with it i put on a year later 7 of it because i was stupid did not reducate myself and follow maintenace.

I have started again to loose 4.5-5 stone and i have just completed day 8 yesterday and feel a lot better the first few is not easy but go to bed early have some nurefon ready and you will crack it.

You know in 6-7 weeks you will be 3 stone nearly lighter nothign beats that.

Good luck


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Well done on your re-start:)

Yes this diet is very hard but the results are worth it, the only thing is that your head REALLY needs to be in the right place otherwise you will give up.

I have re-followed this diet since May (last time I got almost to goal and then fell pregnant!) and I am now on step 3. For me, I found that taking away the option of food was the only to kick start the losses and now I am re-educating myself on portion control (my big downfall) and healthier ways to cook.

Maybe if you are struggling, you can start on a higher step and work backwards?

Good luck with it all, keep drinking the water and coming on here if you need some help.

Take care xx


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eyes on the prize, petal. what weight do you want to be for christmas?

like you, i have to SS... can't even begin to go there with food, or the floodgates will open. so it must be endured. keep knocking back the water, and remind yourself why you want it. If fashion motivates you, why not buy yourself a frock for your xmas goal weight?

btw, though... i'm 37, and we don't all dress head to toe in marks and spencer :mad: :D :p
hi, im struggling too.. I was doing so well 4 weeks on, no other food passed my mouth and just had 5 days off. went completely off the rails. and now i'm up 6lbs , 6lbs in 5 days is ridiculous.. I planned to kick start today and i'm struggling so much to get motivated.

I have a holiday in a few weeks planned. I don't know why but I always sabotage my achievements at the final stage, I really don't know why I do this.
S: 16st0lb G: 10st0lb
I'm exactly the same miss17, I do so do well and I just ruin it, I don't get it, very frustrating! :-(

I'm afraid I caved, and wen cooking my 5 kids jacket potato and tuna mayo, forkfuls went in before I knew what I was doing!!! But I've decided to not have my 4th shake now and just hold out til morning now, I'm off for a gym & swim sesh to tonight so it's better than nothing :-/

Nothing wrong with marks n sparks ;-)
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I'm with you too! I started calorie counting a few weeks ago, which was going great until I started jury service (on my 3rd week). All of my bad eating habits have returned with a vengeance, my default setting of sandwich crisp and chocolate for lunch and evening snacks.
I'm going to see my cdc one day this week to get some tetras do I will be back on the wagon with you!!!


Feeling Motivated
S: 13st2lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st10lb(5.43%)
spangles said:
btw, though... i'm 37, and we don't all dress head to toe in marks and spencer :mad: :D :p
I used to work at M&S... Loved it! 20% discount off everything was slightly addictive!

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