After everything thats happened my diet is ruined.


Starting again...
Hi guys I havent been on for a while, after the split with hubby things have been quite stressful, anyway my diets all gone pair shape, I cant stop eating through stress I just sat here and ate a choccy bar :mad: I cant not eat anything I'm struggling with 3 packs a day, I have been having a chicken salad everyday with my packs! I lost 2lb so total loss not 31 lb but it should be alot more!!!

Food has taken me over :eek: Its like I cant cope with out it. HELPPPPPPP
The diet is not ruined so get that one out of your head :)

You have lost 31 pounds and only 43 to go so within a couple of weeks you will be half way there!!

You have been through a very very tough time and have used food to comfort that (as we all have!) but you know that you have and that is key.

Today is the start of the rest of your life so just finish what you started and move on...

Oh honey, it sounds like you're managing to keep a lid on the diet even though you're not ss'ing 100%.

You need to look after you now, so why not do a different plan where you have a meal at night until you find the strength to SS again?

The kindest thing you can do for yourself is find a plan you can stick to and lose the unwanted weight. You may think that eating is comforting right now but ultimately it will make you fatter and therefore more depressed!

You're doing good kiddo, just need to rein in that mind of yours and get focussed on whatever plan is right for you this moment.

Good luck honey..... How's everything else?
Thanks for your comments, Everythings Ok, X hubbys not being nasty at all he's been quite helpful with the kids and not tried anything funny to get me out the house, We have become better friends now then we have for ages, We wont get back together but staying like this is fine with me, hes living with his mum but says I can stay in the house for as long as I want. We will be getting a divorce so waiting on all that to be sorted! I just need to sort mysef out and be slim by december!
And you will be!! Christmas is a blink away.

Have a chat to your CDC however I feel either the 790 or the 1000 prog would be better at this time as you will eat food alongside the packs and this hopefully will stop you heading for the chocolate.

It is a very stressful time, I know I've been there myself, but you will come out of this stronger and by keeping it together now dietwise slimmer.

As Icemoose says look at what you have achieved so far.

HI 5stl

Look at how you controlled your eating.

I'm sure if that had been me, Id have ditched the packs and gone on a right Ole bender but you haven't, you've stayed in control of your eating and that should be commended.

At least now, you can get back on SS and you will be the slim chic by Xmas
Keep going, its worth it!

Take care
Thinking of you,5STL, I think you are doing brilliantly.
Even an amicable divorce is unpleasant, but not as bad as staying in a marriage that is terminally ill, or over. (I speak from personal experience)
There's a whole new life for you out there, whatever your weight, but you will be more confident and adventurous when you feel comforable wih yourself.
Stay strong, and come here whenever you need to talk about ANYTHING.
Ann xxx
Firstly you sound like you need a hug, so I am sending you one!

Now, when I first saw the title to this post in the "new posts" section, my immediate reaction was "crooked thinking" - crooked thinking is when you allow thoughts to take over and replace good ones. So "everything's ruined" really isn't true. Everything isn't ruined, you have just eaten - that is all!

However, reading through your post, it seems that there is so much more going on than this diet and maybe you need to take a deep breath and take a step back to see what you can cope with right now - maybe go onto a higher calorie plan for the time being until you are feeling more stable?

I wish you all the very best and loads of strength to get you through the next few weeks and months.
s m i l e

Hi 5stL

Your doing fab,dont beat your-self up (((hugs))I know what your going through Ive been there :eek: Just do what you can,try and go on the 1000 cal plan on Cd for a while until your lifes straighter.
31lbs is fantastic give yourself a hugeeeeeeeeee pat on the back you deserve it .Show 'that' husband of yours how strong you are without him by continuing you fantastic weight loss and your look even more fantastic at Christmas :D S M I L E lift your head up and feel proud as you are a lovely person ;)
When I split up with my OH that I'd been living with for 5yrs during which he'd apparently been sleeping around - I put on loads of weight. In fact losing weight was the last thing on my mind. I'm so impressed with the strength you're showing carrying on and focussing on you. If you sat and ate the weight back on then your diet would be ruined and I'd agree with you although it would be so understandable. But it's not ruined cos during one of the most stressful times ever, you've not go a lightening speed. If this is how much you can achieve now, what can you do when things are going well?
I agree with everything that's been said. There is no way that the diet is ruined. You have done fantastic in difficult circumstances. I'm soooooo impressed.
You should be very proud of yourself
Thanks everyone, Your all right I was a bit harsh on my self, I'm taking everything that goes wrong out on myself, Like this morning it was pouring with rain I dont drive and I got the kids late in for school as we were so wet I blamed myself and called myself a bad mother:rolleyes: But i'm not , everything seems so much bigger then it is, I'm just finding everything a struggle:eek: My mum came round this morning and done my ironing for me :) So I could have a break and sit down with a cuppa and dry out lol ( shes the best mum ever) Shes offered to come and help me if I need and thing done, Shes coming round later to help me go through all the kids clothes as my kids seemed to have grown over night and nothing fits lol

:D Good morning............
Ahhhhhhhhhh bless you your not a bad mother your a fantastic mother who through all your pain is making sure your childrens lives continue as normal as possible.
Im sure the school didnt think anything of you being late.I know what you mean I dont drive and the school run in the teeming rain is horrid:(
Your mum sounds fantastic and let her help you as she wants too.Take each day 1 step at a time as your going to be stressed at the min and believe me it does get better, I went through hell after 16 years with my exhusband trying to adjust to life alone with 2 young children but you will get there I promise ((((HUGS))))
xxc pm me if you ever need a shoulder xx
What a lovely mum you have :)

Pat yourself on the back for being so strong - you are holding things together even though you are going through an amazing amount of stress.

Give yourself a break and get through these next few weeks as well as you can. You sound to be doing really good on the diet and even if you only lose 2lbs a week between now and christmas thats 24lbs!!!