Step 1 Sole Source After how long can someone see difference in weight/face? I completed 7 days today

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Sarki007, 28 January 2014 Social URL.

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    Hi lovely people, first time ever i'm doing CD, I have completed 7 days today :) tomorrow the CDC is coming to give 2 weeks supply and measure.

    I was just wondering after how soon can someone say your face gone smaller or something like that ? just for motivation...

    I was taking my husband somewhere today and he told me that my stomach is not very near the steering wheel like before lol :p :p

    I am so lucky as I didn't get any headaches or constipation :D plus i'm on hols for three weeks so wanted to try while at home...

    I usually have porridge's for B/Fast, Shakes for Lunch and Soups for Dinner, love the porridge's and shakes they feels me up, Soups i really liked Veg and Mushroom favorite, Leak and potato not that bad...

    Would love to read your experiences for motivation :)

    Thank you Lovely People and all the best to everyone

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    Hey Sarki

    I'm near end of week three and past week I've had a few people say that my face looks thinner and my husband said my arms were looking thinner - always nice when people start to notice. My clothes started feeling a bit bigger at end of week 2. Good luck in our journey, look forward to seeing how you go :)
  4. Sarki007

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    Aww that's lovely Carrie i'm really happy for you :D i know how it feels :) and yes I will update

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