%age of Calories From Fat


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Current guidelines state that a "normal" diet should consist of no more than 30% of calories from fat. I am aiming for 25% or less just so that I am inside this and it makes the calculation easier.

I ran into this simple formula for working this out when shopping - don't know if anyone else will find this useful:

Take the number of calories per 100g from the label and divide by 4 (slightly less if you are aiming for 30%. Adjust this number to match your own target).

Next, look at the number of grams of fat per 100g and multiply it by 10.

If the 2nd number is higher than the 1st, then it does not meet your %age of calories from fat criteria.

For example:

A yoghurt may give 60 calories (kcals) per 100g. Divided by 4 (for my calcs) gives 15. It may have 3.5g of fat per 100g. Multiply this by 10 gives 35. 35 is higher than 15, so that yoghurt stays on the shelf.

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