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Oh dear. I am not going to eat, I am certainly not going to eat, but I feel like I could kill someone!

I feel all confused and unable to do anything. Maybe I should just go to bed, but it feels like such a waste of a day. Agggh this bit of abstinence is hard!
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I don't know! I'm just going mad here - I can't do anything - I know I want to eat but I don't know why. It's just the thought that I still have 3-4 more weeks of abstinence and I thought that I would be eating by now.

I think I want some company. I want someone to make me laugh. I've hardly had any human interaction all day.

Mrs Lard

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How about a bath, some pampering and some feel good TV/DVDs that will make you smile?

I understand just how you feel and on days like this, I have decided that bed is the only answer (although have yet to practise this myself)!

I think this really is the hardest part of the programme so just ride it out.

Mrs L xxxxxx


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I've had the bath, the candles, the telly, drank my body weight in water and tea - all to no avail. Alas it's just one of those days. Thanks though! Nice to know you're there.
I really hate days like that, sometimes going back to bed really does help. Try and get a few hours more sleep and see if you feel a bit better when you wake up.
Hi Cerulean,

I find that looking at my 'before' photo helps to keep me motivated. I look at it and think

"right what do I need most - food or to not look like that"?!

Food is a momentary pleasure whereas being slim and healthy lasts every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year.

I also think about Christmas 2007 and how I am going to look - not frumpy like I have in previous years (with a few exceptions) but slim and gorgeous.

Come on girl - get that imagination working and even if you haven't been given your 'before' picture you will have plenty of others of you before losing that 11kgs of lard!

I wander about town now and more often than not think "Gawd, I'd kill to go into a tea shop and have some tea and a pastry" but then I make a point of looking at my reflection in a shop window and then I know just why I choose not to do that - the 'pastry-experience' would last all of 10/15 minutes but the cost is likely to be weeks/months/years of regret.