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Agh - must bake 3 birthday cakes!!!

It's my son's first birthday on Friday and so I not only have to bake him a cake for his little party on Friday (and prepare all the other food too of course) but I also have to bake a birthday cake to take to each of the playgroups he attends on Tues and Wed. Where I live you can't buy shop-made cakes, everyone bakes their own. So the house will be full of the lovely smell of baking for most of this week - agggghhhhhhhhhh!!! So much temptation.
Have to start on tomorrow's cake now - wish me luck.

Right, must not weaken, must not weaken....

Oh and no, I can't get hubby to make them - his entire cooking talents begin and end with omelettes. :sigh:
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You're lucky

Mine can make salads and sandwiches !!!

You'll be fine. Have one of your shakes before you start and maybe take the baby out while the cakes cool if poss.
Just realised you can tell I have no kids.
You probably have to make the cakes while he's at the playgroup!
Good luck anyway.
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hi there
forsome reason my kids have become obsessive cake makers ever since i started LL so we constantly have lovely baking smells in the house.
i have a marigold drink when they are cooking - the savoury smell puts me off wanting to taste it
daisy x
The marigold drink is a nice idea, might try that. Also it probably is best to get out of the house while they're cooling - that's when it will be tempting to "test" how they taste!!!!
Am currently trying to convince myself that decorating them is more fun than eating them ( think that'll work???). While it's baking I'm distracting myself with hoovering and mopping - what an exciting life I lead....might clean the bath next....
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i had to do exactly the same for my babys first birthday a few months ago spent 4 days making loads of yummy party things it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be and i became a bit obsessed at smelling everything- the only safe way to experience the flavour
be strong and good luck
Hi Ella
Thanks. Did you survive the party itself without eating? I'm a bit nervous that I'll end up eating some of the food then. Mind you with a bunch of toddlers if I'm lucky it will all end up on the floor and I won't be able to eat it!!
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Hi IslandBreeze,

I've baked a few cakes since I have been on LL, I think you should bake one (or three) big cakes if you can as opposed to cupcakes, this way, you can't exactly 'steal' a slice as it would mean cutting into the whole cake, whereas you could easily pinch a cupcake without anyone knowing.

Put yourself off licking the cake mix by thinking of the raw ingredients in there, raw eggs, flour... yeuch lol!!

Once the cake is decorated, it obviously wont be cut into until the party, and there will be people around then, so you won't be able to have a slice..... and if you have leftover cake, give it away, cut it up and put it into the party bags..... anything, just get rid lol - i think this is the hardest bit to deal with, the leftovers.

Hope this made sense!! Good luck!!
Thanks for that good advice. I must admit I have been worrying slightly about the party leftovers as you are scared to serve too little food as you look mean but if you serve too much as most of us do then the leftovers will be in the fridge taunting me.
Cake for tomorrow is now decorated and safely in a tin. 1 down, 2 to go!! The one for his party should be easiest as that will be a nice big cake with lots of decoration so as you say not much scope for me slyly nicking bits of it!
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Hi IB - how's it going? Are you surviving? What a test, ay?

I found, the few times I did have to make anything, I kept a big basin full of water at the ready and the egg beaters went right in, as did the bow, etc., andthing that had anything lickable, was destroyed hastily before I had the opp to taste anything, had I been tempted.

Good luck hon - its a good test!

I have been so good today - made huge choc cake with a lovely topping that is pretty much just pure choc and icing sugar, took it to playgroup, didn't eat any of it and ensured I gave away the (very small) quantity of leftovers rather than bringing them home where they'd have tempted me.
And 3 people asked me for the recipe so I was quite chuffed with that!
Yeay! Am on Day 8 now.


Half a pound at a time.
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Argh!!! Willpower is needed!!! - the smell would drive me MAD. Good luck with that - i reckon the excitment about decorating them and stuff might do you good? I actually still enjoy cooking and baking without eating it.

My BFs mum baked a cake last night for his dads birthday! For once the temptation wasnt there!!!!?? madness! :innocent0002:

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