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Ahem... bad weekend...


Finding inspiration
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Well, it was my birthday on Friday... Obviously I had to have cake on Friday... And I was given a box of Belgian chocs and a bottle of port for my b/day... and a bunch of us went out for a meal... and I made breakfasts for people on Saturday, I made ordinary sausages, but did do the eggs in Frylight (fresh eggs from my own chickens no less!)... And had port and cheese on the evening, with company... and nibbled my Belgian chocs throughout the weekend :eek:. Yikes.... I FEEL like a right bloater. Have enjoyed myself immensely and now looking forward to getting back on track. :)
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As long as you enjoyed yourself then thats all that matters hun!!!
I too had a bad weekend so I will join you!


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Happy belated birthday wishes to you.

It was your birthday so you deserved a few treats for that.

Just get back on track today and you should be alright. X


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Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Now back on the straight and narrow, missy! xx


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Glad you had a fab birthday weekend !!! The fact you know you need to get back on track sounds like you have it all under control..

L xxx
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Happy belated birthday! It's totally allowed to go off plan on birthdays. The most legitimate off-plan weekend of the year :)
Hope you enjoyed every minute and bite!

You're not on your own, there seem to be quite a few of us who had a naughty weekend, and thus expecting gains and trying to be angelic from now onwards! LOL! Join us :D
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yeah happy belated birthday!! you are definately allowed to indulge on your birthday!! I have said to myself I am going to stick to the plan rigidly, however for special occasions, like my cousins wedding coming up in two weeks I am going to enjoy myself and eat what I want. At least I am not eating like a complete pig the rest of the time, which I did before then I don't think I will put much on!! (well I hope lol) yummmm belgian chocs!! my fav lol


Finding inspiration
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For all of you that had a bad weekend, let's just say you were celebrating my birthday with me. Then we're all allowed to get away with it! :D


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Yep, here's another bad weekend confessor.....

Lots of us on here at the moment, glad you enjoyed your birthday - let's all have a good SW Monday!

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