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Ahhh week 2 WI sts! could it be TOTM?


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YIkes, I just had my 2nd week WI and I've stayed the same! What's going on??

I did have a planned couple of AAM style meals at the weekend as I was on holiday but to lose nothing? arrrghh

I guess it could be totm causing it, I'm on cycle day 36 and because I'm never regular I can't pin point when I should be bloating! last month it was cycle day 41.

how much weight can you retain, (well water) when it's TOTM?
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It happens sometimes, don't get all stressed about it.

If you have a really good 1st week it's not unusual to sts the next whilst your body catches up again.

Also depends what you may have eaten over the weekend, if you had enough carbs to take yourself out of ketosis and replenish your glycogen stores that would lead to you retaining water too (water molecules bind to glycogen, that's why most people have large losses in their 1st week on a VLCD cos when the glycogen is used up there's nothing left to hold on to the water!)

Lastly like you said totm could be a factor, we are all different with that. Som epeople see no change at all, others retain water and lose less.

Put it behind you , get back on track and see what next week brings. You'll be OK. :)

Out of interest which diet are you doing?


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Thanks, I keep telling myself that there is a logical explanation for it! maybe they'll be some improvement next week on the scales.

I'm doing W8 rapid.

I didn't eat anything particularly naughty at the weekend. Plain fish, plain chicken etc I avoided carbs completely.


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you'll probably have a respectable loss on next WI. I notice that a lot on here...great 1st week...rubbish 2nd week and then many good consistant following weeks. its better to review how you do month to month i reckon as week to week can be a bit hard to gauge. well done on the 12lbs, thats amazing :) xx


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Well it was TOTM.. I'm in agony! bloomin heck, you know some months in passes without much thought and then others, gee wiz I want to curl up and go to sleeeeep.

I'm actually feeling really tearful, I want my totm comforts, I want wine. I want food. I want some bloody company! my OH is working away. :sigh::cry:

(got weighed this morning and -3lbs off since yesterday so must've been water)

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