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Ahhhhh have fallen off the wagon and cant get back on!!!

so cross with myself lost 18lb in nearly 4weeks then last week seemed to plateux became disheartened and due to fabulous weather on weekend ended up having picnic with kids and although I vowed would have cd snack bar the temptation of hotdogs became too much!!! :break_diet:
Then decided that because had eaten would eat as normal with the kids for the rest of Sat(husband working away at mo) that lasted till Sunday night.
Monday was great had 3 shakes (I'm over 5ft 8 so will often do eve hot choc to keep me going)
Today was doing great again till got home from work grandma had done pizza for the kids and the short version is I ate 3 slices of that followed by a choc muffin and (cant believe I'm admitting this) a flake and a kitkat !!!!!!!!!!

So so so so so cross :mad::mad::mad:with myself, going on holiday on 12th June and really wanted to loose another 7lb by then, which is totally doable but at the moment I just want to quit and eat normally again.

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Just that the 100% forum is solely for people who are 100% on the diet, any mention of blips are generally reserved for the main forum, just in case it triggers others. I didn't mean to sound bossy or anything, just didn't want you to get shouted at by people craving food lol
I wouldnt worry too much, someone will move it for you.

Hope you are alright, if you are really really wanting this then have your last shake as usual and drink plenty of water.

Start new tomorrow, good luck:)
It is really hard though, so just keep coming on here and chatting and do things to take your mind off it.

I cook for my own three kids and ten extra at night as im a childminder so I know how hard it is, i just make sure I have my shake at the side of my while im doing it.

Good luck hun:)


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Al1 - by 12th June, thats 12 days!!! Just 12 short days, you can do that. What has happened has happened, but in previous diets have you thrown in the towel after first wobble (I know I have). If you want to make this time different, dust off and back to it 100% tomorrow. It may be tough but keep remembering 12 days!!! good luck.
Ps - sorry its true, no food talk etc... on 100% forum, you are ok in main CD forum. Come chat there with others getting back to it, as you will!! Holiday thoughts, holiday thoughts!


supposed to be working!
I'll respond to you here really quickly al1!
Really really excellent job you admitted to all your naughtiness. Sometimes I cant even admit the worst of my binges to myself, let alone to a board full of people. So you've done the first thing i.e. accepted it and brought it all out in the open. Good.
Now time for you to remember that CD *is* doable because you've done it beautifully before.
This always helps me: Say, on Saturday/Sunday I decide 'I will start on Tuesday'. All through the run-up to Tuesday I'll be on this forum, reading people's success stories, going into the stores to see all these gorgeous little things I want to wear, etc. etc. By the time Sunday and Monday are up I'm so itching to start on Tuesday and after that, would be even more loathe to mess it up once I've begun.
Try that - youve already done so well!
thanks to everyone for your support, will defo be back once I'm 100% (that will be tomorrow), appologies if I upset anyone by being on the wrong forum.xx
Just wanted to say good luck, we are all human and have hiccups along the way, try not to beat yourself up about it because after all tomorrow is a new day. Not long till your hol now hope you enjoy it xxx


100% all the way!
It's done now......you can't take it back...now just move forward. You will be fine!

Onwards and downwards!!! Good luck with getting back on track!
You can do it! x

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