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Aimee try's again!

Hello everybody:) Im re joining SW tonight, I did it for almost a year and left in April. At my last weigh in in April I was 9stone 5. Ive put on a bit but sure exactly how much - will find out tonight! Im looking to loose around a stone, im only 5'2 and any weight shows on me. Im also TTC so if I fall pregnant before I get to goal then ill just to try and keep control of things.

Todays plan is EE


4 ryvita (b), 6 extra light cheese triangles(a) and ham
WW yoghurt

1 syn cottage pie with baked beans
ww yoghurt and fruit
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Went back to group last night and i have gained a massive 8lbs since leaving in april! Im now 9stone 13 :(

Today is an extra easy day

fruit salad and ff fromage frais, lemon hi fi bar (b)

jacket spud with cottage cheese and a salad

going to try the sw carbonara, the parmasan is my a choice
Loving being back on plan and hoping to loose about 4lb at wi on Thur. Im workin 5-8 tonight so will have my dinner in the afternoon and some soup when I get home. Making butternut squash and sweet potato soup this morning. Love the sw carbonara so having it again today.

apple and banana

mid morning
bowl of home made soup

sw carbonara (a for parmasan)

hi fi bar (b)

going for a play in the park now, taking the ball for a run around :)
Extra easy again today

scrambled egg, trimmed bacon, toast (b) and beans (2syns for margerine)

home made BNS and sweet potatoe soup

chicken breast, carrots, broc, peas, new pots and gravy (2syns)
Monday - Green

2 weetabix (b), skimmed milk (a)

home made soup(bns and sp), hi fi (b), apple


quorn sausage and baked bean spicy bake off website with carrots and peas (a)
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Welcome back to SW!

Your food diary looks really yummy so far. One thing I would advise would be to make sure 1/3 of your plate is superfree when you're following EE. You may not be listing any extra fruit and veg though so I could be wrong. I find the more superfree I have the bigger the losses!

Also, are you eating 10-15 syns a day?

Good luck! :D
Hi thanks for commenting. Yeah I eat shed loads of fruit through the day and the soup I have at lunch is 100% veg. Could probs work at adding more at breakfast, but some mornings I do have a fruit salad and natural yoghurt. Yeah ive had 10 syns today, its usally between 6-10 but trying to avoid anything that could send me into a downwards spiral like it normally does lol.
Grr AF came today! Hope it doesnt spoil my first weigh in lol.

Tuesday - EE

2 weetabix (b), fromage frais and banana

left over bean bake thing (a), satsuma

steamed cod, mushy peas and sw chips
Wednedays plan - EE

bacon, beans, egg, toast (b), mushrooms and an apple

home made veg soup, apple and banana

SW carbonara, parmasan (a)
fruit salad and yoghurt
2lb off, happy with that as i have lots of water retention.


2 bananas, apple

2 bread (b), trimmed bacon, egg, margerine (2)

SW lasagne - a choice plus 4 syns

hi fi bar (6)
Thanks guys, haha stalk away! Any comments are appreciated!

Today is EE again. Working 5-9.30 so going to have dinner at lunch and lunch at 9.30pm!

Pick at fruit through the morning

Left over lasagne (a) and Potato

Sweet potato and BNS soup
Hi-fi (b)

And im sure ill find something to spend my syns on :)
hmm bad weekend. Not reaaaally bad, but not 100% on plan. Im an idiot!

Monday - EE

2 weetabix (b), yoghurt, banana

home made soup - carrot, lentils and celery. Bit of chicken and strawberrys

sw carbonara with added mushrooms and leeks, (a)
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Tuesdays - EE

2 weetabix, milk, banana (a + b)

home made veg soup, fruit

chicken with mustard wrapped in parma ham, roasted veg (butternut, SP, red pepper etc) and new potatoes
Wednesdays plan - EE

fruit salad with ff fromage frais

home made veg soup

beef stew packed with veg, 3 slices of WW danish bread (b)
Went to the gym tonight and did a 5k run in 3 mins and some cross trainer. Thats the longest ive ever run in one go :). Back there tomorrow morning before work.
Gym again tonight but didnt do as much as last night cos my legs were killing. In total about 40 mins cardio. Back in there tomorrow and also for a swim with my DD.

Thursday - Green

2 toast (b) and baked beans

pasta n sauce (1)

Dinner (after WI)
Jacket potato with baked beans and salad.

not the healthiest day but its weigh in day so its my treat!
Gym again today for another run. Didnt have my pasta n sauce for lunch, just had the beans on toast so far and will have dinner after my weigh in which is at 7.

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