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Aimee's 50 day 100% challenge


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I have decided to set myself a challenge to stay 100% for 50 days. I have been loosing and gaining the same few pounds since november because i keep messing up and falling off track. I have a night out planned for april 24th where i will obviously go over 15 syns but i am going to count my syns weekly so that i cut back on the rest of the week. I will need a lot of will power for this as i think the most ive ever done 100% is 6 days! Ill mainly follow EE as when im too hard on myself with red days then i fall off track.

So day 1 - EE

breakfast - 3 ww danish toasted (b) with 3 laughing cow extra light cheese triangles and baked beans
lunch - apple (still full from breakfast)
dinner - syn free cottage pie made from extra lean mince, carrots, celery, peas, beef stock, worcestershire sauce, herbs and topped with a mixture of potato and sweet potato mash

in the evening i will have a curly wurly (6) and an options dark (1.5)

total syns for day 1 = 7.5
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Thankyou - i will certainly need it, especially over the weekends

Day 2/50 - EE

Breakfast - 2 weetabix (b) with ff yoghurt and sweetner
lunch - syn free cottage pie full of sf goodies and beans
afternoon - half a punnet of grapes
dinner - slimming world quiche made with cottage cheese, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, ham, onions and parmasan (a), with baby new potatos and peas. (1 syn for some margerine on the pots)
evening - sugar free jelly (1), curly wurly (6)

Total syns for the day - 8
Total syns for the week 15.5 / 105


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So im on day 3 and have just started AF, starting to get the chocci cravings now, which wouldnt be so bad if i could control my portions lol. But im determined to do this so will have to grin and bear it haha.

Day 3/50 - EE

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with sweetner (b)
lunch - slice of left over sw quiche and an apple
dinner - chicken breast, carrots, brocolli, peas and mashed potato with gravy (2syns)
evening - easter chocolate buttons (6) with banana and ff toffee yoghurt

Total syns for the day - 8
Total syns for the week - 23.5/105
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Good morning fellow SWer's! Doing my diary now so I dont forget about the workout I just did. It went like this...

60 star jumps
13 min jog on the spot - whilst doing arm exercises for 5 mins
70 star jumps
13 min jog on the spot
70 star jumps
13 min jog on the spot
80 star jumps

so im nice and sweaty and hopefully burnt about 300cals :)

Today im going to have a red day, im on my af and WI is tomorrow. Im trying to reduced some bloating by being red, also im still saving some syns each day so i can have a treat at the weekend (all within my weekly syns allowance)

Day 4/50 - Red

Breakfast - black coffee, banana and apple
lunch - 4 ryvita (b), 6 laughing cow extra light triangles (a) and ham, some grapes.
Dinner - syn free bolognaise made with extra lean minced beef, onions, mushrooms, celery carrot, passata, tinned toms, worcestershire sauce, herbs, garlic and mixed peppers served with 100g cooked wholemeal spaghetti (b) and 42g reduced fat chedder (a)

evening - minimilk ice cream - 1.5syns

Total syns for the day - 1.5
Total syns for the week - 25/105
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Morning everybody. So im on day 5 of my 50 day challenge - a 10th of the way! LOL. Walking around Tesco this morning I started getting naughty food thoughts, but then I realised I had not had my breakfast and came home to my banana, grapes and ff probiotic yoghurt - lush! As you can see I have been saving my syns all week. I bought a Green and Blacks easter egg yesterday which is 31 syns. I planned to have half tonight and half on Saturday, but im thinking im going to save it as I dont feel like I "need" it yet. Then if i have the syns left I could have it all on saturday or half then and half next week. Will see how i feel on sat when I finish work - it might be "one of those days" hehe.
Tonight is weigh in - im guessing it will be a maintain or a small gain. Which is fair enough as I had a terrible 9 days before I started this challenge - but I look forward to seeing some good results next week!
Im having a green day - which to me is a treat in its self because I can have my yummy pasta bake for tea and still have 2 he' a and he'bs!

Day 5/50 - Green
Breakfast - Banana and grapes covered in fat free probiotic yoghurt and sweetner. Black coffee.

Lunch - 3 ww Danish (b) with baked beans and 3 baby bel lights - (a)

dinner - Pasta bake made from a cheese, leek and ham pasta n sauce with added mushroom, 57g bacon (b) and onion, topped with 42g reduced fat cheese (a) and baked in the oven. - 1.5syn

Evening - chocolate minimilk - 1.5syn

Total syns for the day - 3
Total syns for the week - 28/105


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p.s I noticed this thread had had over 80 views - please feel free to comment if you're here, id love any suggestions or support etc xx


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I ended up having half of my easter egg tonight after weight in and will have the other half on saturday - which is fine because I have plenty of syns left to do that.

total syns for the day - 19
Total syns for the week - 44/105


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Well I have to say the last 4 days or so I have felt brilliant with lots of energy and much less stressed. Lo and behold after my chocolate last night I have woken up feeling tired and sluggish. Coincidence? Hmm im pretty sure its related as last week when I was eating rubbish I felt rubbish too.

Have just done my workout and increased it slightly to

70 star jumps
13 min jog on the spot
75 star jumps
14 min jog on the spot
80 star jumps
15 min jog on the spot
85 star jumps

Now time for some breakfast - im knackered hehe but hopefully got rid of that half easter egg.

Today is an extra easy day.

Day - 6/50

Breakfast - banana, coffee and will snack on grapes a satsuma and apple throughout the morning.

lunch - 2 Tesco light choices sausages (2) with a "fried" egg on 2 slices of WW Danish (b). FF yoghurt

Dinner - Large jacket potato with baked beans and 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (a) and a salad.

I have 1 Piece of WW danish left and 4 laughing cow triangles so will have some cheesy toast in the evening.

1 minimilk - 1.5syn

Total syns for the day - 3.5
Total syns for the week 47.5/105

*edit* - i also had the rest of my easter egg last night for 15 syns. Glad its out of the way now :D so synage for the week is at 62.5/105 with just saturday to go.
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Morning everybody. Im off to gym early this morning for my assessment - I joined yesterday, just hope I get time to use it and dont waste my money!

Another extra easy day today.

Day 7/50.

Breakfast - 2 sausages (2), 2 slices of WW nimble and a "fried" egg - it is weekend after all ;)

Lunch - tomato and herb pasta n sauce with added bits of chicken and 3 baby bel lights. Splash of skimmed milk in the sauce and a cup of tea (1)

Dinner - syn free cottage pie with baked beans.

Evening - curly wurly (6)

Total syns for the day - 9
Total syns for the week - 71.5

So thats week one finished and it averages out about 10 syns a day. Hope I get a good loss on thursday :D Heres to week 2!
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Back from the gym. I didnt stay too long as i dont like to miss time with my family at the weekend. I did 25 mins running on the treadmill, 15 mins on the cross trainer and some weight machines for my arms and some ab work. Then been round to my sister in laws and have been bouncing around on her big outdoor trampoline. So lots of lovely body magic for today!
Week 2, day 1.

Day 8/50 - Red

breakfast - some banana and an apple

lunch - 4 ryvita (b), 6 laughing cow extra light triangles (a) with ham and some chicken. Lots of grapes.

Nearly slipped at the park and had about 5 wotsits and 2 chocolate buttons - ill guess at 2 syns

Dinner - gammon, 2 "fried" eggs, 1 sausage (1), 198g new potatoes (b), "fried" tomatos and mushrooms.

Off to the gym again tonight. I plan to do a run for around 20-30 mins and then head off down to the pool for a nice long swim and sauna session.

when I get in ill have some fruit and a minimilk (1.5)

Syns for the day - 4.5
Syns for the week - 4.5/105


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Hey up! I thought I'd leave a little encouragement for you - people seem to be a bit shy about posting in newbie journals sometimes. It's quite discouraging at first; I went through the same thing!

Firstly well done on your challenge, what a great idea. It's so easy to get caught in little circles with gaining and losing the same few pounds if you don't get those bad habits in check. Apparently it takes 3 months to establish a new habit (or break an old one!) so you'll be well on your way to long-term goodness with your 50 days!

Good luck, and I'll keep checking in here.
Went to the gym again last night. I did an hour in the gym (40 mins cardio, 20 on the machines working my arms and abs), then i went down to the pool and did 16 lengths and had a sauna. Im really enjoying it and i hope it continues. I have a meeting at 8pm tue with one of the personal trainers to make me a programme to follow.

Day 9/50 - Its an Extra Easy day

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, ff probiotic yoghurt and banana.

Lunch - 1 low fat sausage (1), some ham and some chicken

Dinner - chicken breast with bacon and 28g (a) gruyere cheese melted together, baby new potatos and vegetables.


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Wow - that's some serious gymmage!

I'm interested to see how you get on with Extra Easy - I have never tried it (have a mental block with it as it doesn't seem right to eat all that good stuff & lose weight!)

Keep up the good work x
Fab work, how's the 50 days going? Also - what happens at the end of the 50 days? Are you going to have a big treat and then get back on plan again? I'm thinking about copying you :) x
I failed :(

I joined the gym and decided i couldnt afford to pay for that and slimming world and told myself i could do it on my own - well, i cant and i have had over 2 weeks of eating so much crap. My clothes are feeling very tight and I cant believe how i can change from being sooo motivated to not caring overnight!!! hmmmpf :( :( :(
Don't say that. This is just a blip. You have done so well and your clothes feel tight because its bloat, not fat. Have a few days of salads and water and the bloat will be gone.
Carry on with healthy eating, forget about the gym. I too struggle with the last bit of weight to loose. I have been reading this and it has been giving me so much inspiration. New day tomorrow ...
Aww hun, hugs, you can do it, how about going for long walks / jogs etc, and then still going to SW? We're all here to help x

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