Aiming to lose 2 stone with Exante Total. *Go me*

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Slinky_Malinky, 7 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Slinky_Malinky

    Slinky_Malinky That pesky stone crept back.

    Hello, it's me, I'm back!!!!

    Not that anyone will notice/remember, but hey. :D

    I lost loads on a lighter life diet about 6 years ago which was brilliant, and put on some again. Lost well on Exante for one month about 4 years ago, and then put on again. :sigh: I'm not going down the lighter life route because frankly I've had the psychology lesson thanks, and it was good for support, but been there, done that worn the tshirt. I just want to get on with the diet.

    I am your typical yoyo dieter. Total solution VLCD works for me, while it works. I just need to remember not to go overboard afterwards. I might try 5:2 once I have got under 10 stone.

    Anyway, I need to lose some baby weight again (have a 1 year old) so here goes again.

    I remember that I need to stock up on Coke Zero and Swiss Bouillon. The drinks at sainsbury's have all changed since last time, (and I only have small sainsbury locals here) so I need to find stuff I can get at Waitrose, tescos and M&S.

    So this is me: I'm a female not so slinky_malinky at present, and I weigh 71.4 kg, which is 157.4 lbs which is 11 and 3lbs. (gulp) For my height at 5ft 3lbs, 10 stone would be at the cusp of "healthy weight" and "overweight" Ideally I would like to get to 9 stone which is bang in the middle of healthy. Under 10 stone and keeping it there and never over is something to be working towards meanwhile. So, a stone and a half to get to to be okay, and 2 and a half to be super-marvellous. I plan to start in the next few days, whenever the stuff arrives really, or possibly next weekend.

    Anyone else at a similar weight/similar amount to lose?
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  3. Slinky_Malinky

    Slinky_Malinky That pesky stone crept back.

    Oh, and my stats to the left are REALLY OUT OF DATE!!! I must change them. :)
  4. Abbie_202

    Abbie_202 Member

    Hi, I am new here and started exante today. Feeling hungry now but trying to think long term. I am pretty much the same height and weight as you (give or take a few pounds more for me :/ ) I am 5'3 and 11st8. No babies for me just years of yoyo dieting. How long have you been back on it? X
  5. Slinky_Malinky

    Slinky_Malinky That pesky stone crept back.

    Hi Abbie. Great to have someone about the same. I am 5ft 3 too. It is frustrating that if we were a couple of inches or so taller we could carry the weight eh?! To be honest the babies are just an excuse for me. When I am pregnant I go into cake overdrive! Have you done a VLCD before? I haven't started yet because I haven't the shakes. I have a small doc procedure on Friday (very minor, but will feel a bit sorry for myself) and have been invited to a barbecue, so I might wait until the weekend or Monday next week. Would be foolish to start, get into ketosis and then have to start from scratch a few days later. How are you finding it so far? I just read back on my previous posts from a few years ago and I really struggled with it to begin with. The results are really worth it though. I am almost looking forward to starting if that makes sense.
  6. Abbie_202

    Abbie_202 Member

    I know, I always joke that if I was just a bit taller my BMI would be fine! It's day two for me and I have a headache. I've never done a vlcd before, have done Atkins and lasted 2 weeks on that just didn't enjoy the side effects and was sick of eating chicken and cheese!
    For me I just want to get this weight off once and for all.
    On a diet I am forever looking for tweaks or ways to convince myself I can eat what I want which is why I think this will help me as I just have to tell myself ok I'm not eating food for a while. I got my packs last week but put it off until yesterday as had a few social events that I didn't want to miss.

    Now I have 4 weeks until a big wedding that I need to be slim for and then following that I have my holiday abroad. I'm hoping to get to 10 stone and if I get lower that's a bonus! Need to figure out how to get through today and tomorrow....not enjoying this headache and carb cravings xxx

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