AJ's LL Management Journey!


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I attended my first Management meeting last night (Tue), so start today properly.

I had a lot of reading to do when I got home. It was too much to absorb at once so I will read it again after work.

I have decided to have, as my portion of protein, a piece of salmon. I will grill it for tea!

For three days the regime is very strict in that I cannot add anything, not even herbs, to the salmon.

From day 4-7 there is a long list of herbs/spices I can add, plus a short list of condiments, dressing and sauces. There's milk too. Salad wise, I can include a mixture of green salad leaves.

I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. My head was going in circles trying to take it all in. To go from having no choice to having a big list to chose from was too much to think about last night.

My counsellor has suggested we get a journal to write our daily 'food and mood' diary. We are given a booklet for this purpose but she said it may be easier to write our notes in a plain book, rather than one with lots of writing and diagrams, where our writing may restricted by lack of enough space.

We also have to write about our daily activity levels and note down three achievements every day.

We are encouraged to WRITE out an affirmation in the morning and repeat it three times. And do this twice more throughout the day, visualising a picture, or perhaps even drawing a picture.

Phew. I will have to write menus so I can plan ahead. It may help me to make good planned decisions rather than bad impulse decisions!

I was given an recipe booklet for weeks 1 - 4 which has some really tasty ideas. I will probably incorporate some of them in my weekly menu plans!

So, I've got to go to work now. See you all later!
Hi AJ.....

So your enetering the world of management? How exciting!!!! It's great to hear what happens at the end of 100 days as it all seems like a bit of a mystery for us newbies.....

I think the meal planning is a good idea, maybe I will do this when I eventually get there!!

Keep us all updated, it will be great to hear your menu choices and how your getting on. If you do recognise certain moods created by certain foods, please let us know. i am now so interested in what reaction our bodies have to certain foods, it fascinates me!!!!

Good luck this week, speak to you soon
Hi AmandaJayne,
I can't tell you how pleased I was when I saw your great post. I am starting management on Saturday and really wanted to know a little more about it. You have answered all my questions I look forward to reading about your experiances. Keep posting loads!!
Good luck to you to Stardreamer, what an exciting and scary time!!!!! Please post for us all how you are doing?
Thanks so much for your posts and encouragment. Stardreamer - that's great news. I will look forward to reading about your experiences!

I am just writing an update after 'eating' my meal tonight.

I had a piece of salmon, grilled, as I had planned. I didn't cook it until about 6.30 because for some reason I was reluctant! Anyway, there it was on the place gleaming and looking yummy. I said to my son "I think there should be a fanfare or a chorus line dancing up and down the lounge". He did a fanfare but refused to dance up and down!

As some other people have said, it was impossible to eat the whole piece and I didn't try. I 'listened' to my body's response and stopped when I felt full.

Next door's kitten leapt four foot in the air to grab the plate when I took it in to her to finish off. She missed, and landed on the floor!

Just half an hour ago I had a momentary crisis of confidence when I was browsing on another site. What if I'm just kidding myself and will fail again. It's those little voices again.

I know that I am going to be severely tested over the next few months. I know that I am really going to have to face some difficult truths about myself, things for which I have so far only scratched the surface in development. If I really want to recover, I am going to take responsibility for my behaviours, 'grow up' in a way.

I am both exhilerated at this prospect of finally taking control of my life, but also afraid on many levels. Failure, success - what do I really want?
Am so pleased you have started this. Consider his a mini Mexican wave for your first day in Management! :D Wishing you all the luck in the world :cool:
:) OOH I didn't know I could do that !! LOL !! Just wanted to say a huge well done for getting onto management and being such a great source of inspiration - in particular to a newbie like me -and thank you, again. Victoria.x.
Thanks Victoria!

I am definately closing the laptop NOW and going to bed. These late nights are no good for me but I can't get off the computer. If it's not the threads, its that bloody patience delux! Oh, and I see that my Connect Four crown has been knocked off by Nadhak! Damn, I'll have to get it back again!
This is my second day on Management. I've just got back from work, so thought I'd write a couple of lines about how things have been today.

My digestion is protesting. I have felt bloated and sore for most of the day. I want to 'go' but simply can't - nothing happens!

I am not actually looking forward to eating my salmon later, although I will try (next door's cat, watch out). I am hoping that a nice soak in the bath will help.

It's funny but I used to get days like this in the past, but not since doing LL. I am wondering whether it is because my digestion is 'waking up' again after slumbering for four months, or whether I have an intolerance to salmon (how awful).

I gotta go for now. I'll be back later (probably after my long soak) and let you know how I am feeling!
well done for getting to management, seems like you're do ok, i start management on 3rd feb, i'm very excited about trying new foods but also extremely scared about it. Look forward to reading your posts and hearing how you are dealing with eating again....

Once again a huge WELL DONE......

Day 3

Just a quick update to follow on from last night.

I did have a lovely bath. The bloated feeling had already begun to disappear (and I was also able to 'go' if you know what I mean!). It was all very noisy down there!

This morning I feel fine and am hoping that that continues.

Today (day 3) I can add a selection of herbs/spices and chose from a list of green raw veg. I popped into a pub that we (work colleagues) go to every Friday lunchtime, on Wednesday. They have been making up my soups for months now and have been following my progress with interest. I told them about moving onto Management and asked about adapting something on the menu for me on Friday. We settled on chicken with green salad, no sauces or other extras.

Thinking about it now, I will be lucky to be able to eat a quarter of it! Oh well, it will be a new experience to 'experience'.
Hi AmandaJayne

I am obsessed with reading about your management journey and can't wait to eat salmon again!!

Well done, I look foward to the next instalment.

PS. What a great pub/restaurant for being so accomodating with your meals.
Take care
Yes they are, Skinny and they refuse to take any money for doing it, too! I has been a really cheap Friday lunchtime for quite a while!
Hi Aj

I can't wait to login in the morning and read your posts, it's so exciting...

Please keep as all informed on how you are doing and feeling......

and congrats for being so strong, I can't wait to be like you xxxxx
Thanks a million Tootsie! That's made my day!

Well, I went to the pub at lunchtime today and ordered a chicken salad. I'd already spoken to one of the kitchen staff earlier in the week to find out what I could order, so they were expecting me.

Well, my eyes nearly popped out when they brought the plate to the table. Half, yes half a spring chicken, loads of salad, coleslaw, cheese, a whole egg, pineapple, gherkins and beetroot.

I may need a doggy bag, I said tentatively. Oh no problem, said the waitress, and bustled off.

This will be a test, I thought. As it turned out though I picked at the chicken and lettuce, eating slowly and chatting between bites. I ate half the egg white (allowed), but stopped eating when I started feeling full. I drank some water.

I sat and thought about the past while I ate. What would I have done a few short months ago when faced with that plate. Ate it all up, even the gherkins. I may even have felt that I had 'earned' a pudding, after all I had had a salad, hadn't I? Would I have been hungry by then? Oh no, absolutely not.

There were two polystyrene containers to take away! My son has just polished off the chicken and half the salad, he says he'll finish it off after football!

No bloating today. Felt fine. I presume that it was just an initial side effect of eating after not doing so for so long.

Bye for now. I may post later.

Just wanted to say that i'm really enjoying this thread. I'm on LL and hope to go onto Management in 3 weeks. It's great to get an idea of what to expect.