AKB in "LOVE IT" magazine... WOW !!


I want to be slim !!


Ive just bought "Love it magazine, and i was flicking through it and came across an article about " my legs were going to explode"

I thought i had seen the photo before, but could not for the life in me remember where..
Then it came to me... on MINIMINS..


My legs were going tro explode!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!

Talk about journalistic excess! Explode!!!! - implode more like.
Am I going to like this article??? - the one I signed off was re-commissioned for some unknown (to me) reason. The 2nd journo I spoke with was v. nice but judging by the title, quite sensationalist!
Oh well, I shall ....think of the money, think of the money, think of the money!!!!

Cheers for the nice comments - quite cheered me up - am blushing now. Had bad day yesterday as my mother commented on how much reduced my turkey neck was - thanks Mum, I didn't think I had one but now it's all I see when I look in the mirror:(

OI, you were meant to let me know when it was coming out!!! :eek: Will have to get to the Post Office tomorrow to pick up my copy!
I didn't know - honest! I haven't got a copy of it either if that's any consolation!
I don't even know where to buy one - do Tesco sell it??
Mind you it all sounds perfectly hidjus - "exploding legs" how tacky..... We never even used those words - it all sounds very "Freddie Starr ate my hamster" to me:eek:

PS You coming to WeMITT meet in Brum at the end of November??
Magazines and mothers!

WOW, you're a published star!! wooohooo!!!:D

Grab me a copy too please! I'll pay on Tues!!!:D

Sorry your mum made you feel crap :( :mad: ... mums!:mad: :( (won't get started on that!)

You DON'T have a turkey neck!

For pete's sake... mothers!!!! :mad: make you want to flipping growl at times!!!!

Exploding legs! Ooh err.. ... Freddie Starr.... hee hee... saw him live once, nearly wet me knickers he was SO funny... anyway... hope you are feeling FAR better about your slender neck!!!

She's just jealous coz you are younger and better looking than her! So ner to her!!!:p

Keep smiling!:D