alcohol and weight loss


taking one day at a time
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well I have had 2 days this week that I have had a few drinks friday turned into a flexi day as I had pizza always eat rubbish after I have had a couple off lagers then the week is runied .I seem to do this every week .I was reading the other post and where one lady loves chocolate I love lager and if I have one thenit becomes 2 .I dont make a habbit off it maybe 2 nights a week but then everything goes wrong ,I have 21lb to loose and really want to do this .
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If you really want to lose the weight you have to turn your head around and think positive. Ok so you love pizza, do you love being overweight too? When you grab that slice of pizza too many, create a visual of it sat on your stomach in your swimming cozzy, poking out for everyone to see.

The main thing is, you have to want to do this without making excuses or putting obstacles in your way.

and it really made me think ,I wanto loose the weigh and get fir more than anything so im going to do it thank you all x
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You are completely right. I LOVE red wine... but one glass usually turns into the whole bottle. So I have completly banned myself from drinking Sunday - Thursday. That way if I want a few glasses on the weekend I have to save my syns.

And you are so right in the "The main thing is, you have to want to do this without making excuses or putting obstacles in your way." It's all too easy to think, oh another glass won't hurt, or there's no need to count the sugar in my tea, one little biscuit won't hurt etc.
But I want to look at my wedding photos and be proud of the way I look, not staring at the bingo wings! Also I want to start trying for a baby after we're married, so I want to be healthy and eating the right things to give the baby the best start.
God this is turning into a rant! Basically I totally agree with you mummy2beslim!

At the end of the day, we made ourselves the weight we are, and we can either make decisions to stay as we are or make decisions to loose those extra pounds!

Good luck!


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Me too I love wine and now just drink a couple of glasses of vodka instead with loads of diet coke.
But I do get the munchies after drink and it shows on the scales xx


taking one day at a time
S: 11st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I too have decided no alcohol sunday to thursday and only allow allocated syns for drinks ,we too are ttc again soon as id lovewa little bro or sis for my little boy who is 3 next month ut im getting ona bit now so need to get a move on lol


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i love kettle chips, doritos and pizza but don't allow myself any all week as a small ration is not enough. if i have pizza it's a whole one, if i have crisps its at least half a big bag, which is well above my sin allowance.

i allow myself to eat whatever i fancy after every weigh-in. it's a thursday evening and i don't let it roll into friday. i plan what i'm eating on friday so i've got no excuses. this has never affected my weight loss.


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I have given up the coors light and replaced it with red wine which gets me drunk alot quicker therefore less calories consumed :)


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Gosh there are alot of us about! I've banned OH from getting wine boxes! It's just too easy to get carried away! If we do have wine we now have it in bottles and little wine glasses, but I've swapped to gin and tonic, then have tonic sun -fri,. I find that all caution flies out of the window if I don't watch out, and the cheese and biscuits come out.


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I agree completely!
Tomorrow is my first WI and I know that I'll either have sts (or gained if I'm really unlucky :8855:). This is because I also save most of my syns for a weekend for alcohol (I've also banned alcohol on a weekday night) but then after consuming alcohol I go and eat something I shouldn't. Like a kebab last night!!
It doesn't help that I think I've completely over eaten all week, my portions have been huge. But that's another thread altogther! Maybe my wi tomorrow will be the kick up the bum that I need so that I still make healithier choices after a couple of drinks.