Step 1 Sole Source Alcohol consumption ..... Can someone help/advise please?

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  1. MissPidge

    MissPidge New Member

    Hi - I'm on week two of sole source and in ketosis (I check daily with ketostix). I have 2.5 stone to lose and lost 6lb in week one. Next week I will probably move to Ss+ or maybe just substitute one shake with a small means.

    In a couple of weeks I am attending a reunion and its an all day think where we are all staying over and I know will involve a to of alcohol for everyone. I've read various things about not drinking whilst in ketosis - basically saying it is dangerous to do so. my question is if I drop the Cambridge diet totally and eat carbs for a couple of days before ie come out of ketosis - is it medically safe to drink? Anyone medically trained here to answer please or a CD expert?

    PICK then intend to start the CD again after that weekend in question.

    many thanks :)
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  3. MissPidge

    MissPidge New Member

    Ps Apologies for my awful typing - it's late:)
  4. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Many people will move up the steps if they have an event where they want to drink and that is fine physically, just make sure you are out of ketosis. Just be careful of coming off the diet totally, as the problem is more with getting back on track afterwards. Some people do it no problems, others find it very difficult to get back on and can end up having months or years never getting fully back onto it. I personally feel if you can master the skill of being able to have a treat and pull back straight away and not let it lead to another and another, all the better as this is training for when you will have to deal with food choices on a daily basis (unfortunately I never quite got that, and would use the excuse of being off the diet for one weekend as an excuse to binge all weekend - hence for me, no breaks this time).
  5. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    I never used to move up, I'd have a sandwich/pasta just before I went out, drink on my night out then back on it the next day x
  6. MissPidge

    MissPidge New Member

    Thanks guys... Mmm I'm thinking maybe a couple of days before just eating some carbs and then starting back in shakes on the Monday !!! X
  7. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    Just have a meal the morning of the event and then drink and then get back into it the next day. No need to over do it. You will regret it otherwise.

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