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Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by traceyjayne, 19 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. traceyjayne

    traceyjayne Well-Known Member

    Can we drink it? Vodka, lager, which is the best? :7834: Thanks peeps x x
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  3. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Well-Known Member

    I think your other thread answered your own question!

    I'm usualy a wine drinker :party0036: Goes down too quickly though!

    I dont drink every week but when I do, believe me, I make up for the weekends I dont drink :eek:

    Was away last weekend and decided to drink vodka & diet 7up.
  4. traceyjayne

    traceyjayne Well-Known Member

    Did it stop your weight loss? I know i found that chart after i had written this thread lol x x
  5. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Well-Known Member

    oooh I dunno as I havent got weighed since starting Xen. (appt with doc 30-06-09 :fingerscrossed:) I like a good drink so going out and not drinking doesnt appeal to me! :( If I want to drink I will and then make sure I'm extra good the rest of the week.
  6. traceyjayne

    traceyjayne Well-Known Member

    sounds good too me x
  7. VixB

    VixB Well-Known Member

    I've still been drinking, like 2 bottles of wine over the space of the weekends and have still lost an average of 4lbs per week, I've not drank last weekend, am not drinking this weekend either, I get weighed on Wednesday so am interested to see if not drinking has made any difference at all....will let you know!
  8. fight_the_urge

    fight_the_urge Well-Known Member

    wine... I could drink 2 bottles on a night, even more! I know shameful LOL Trying to stay away from wine! Coz that then brings on shots etc etc :sigh:

    Do let us know how your WI goes with being booze free Vix ;)

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