Can hug her knees :)
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I'll be honest, over Christmas I've very much got into the habit, and a bit before. Stress, relax with a glass of wine. Dinner, have a glass of wine. It just becomes habit I guess. But that's the thing about CD I guess, it gives you the opportunity to break those habits and retrain yourself. So while it might be hard now I'm sure it'll get easier. I slightly cheat with my wine now, as I didn't want to be drinking so much over Christmas. I have Rose so I'd have it as a spritzer with diet lemonade, it's half the alcohol, half the calories! While no good for you no, might be worth keeping in mind during maintenance. Though if you're a red lady it won't be any good for you obviously!


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I love red wine!
but over xmas etc I had rum and diet coke... its alot less cals than the wine..
i did miss it initially, but after a while never thought about it... now im nearly at goal the thoughts are creeping back in! but will prob stick with the rum and coke idea... !!!


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Alcohol is one thing i really miss too, but made sure i cut back this last week before starting cd....just miss it when on dates as need it for the courage haha:D


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Oh tell me about it! I LOVE my wine and can easily drink 2 bottles by myself, although thats only usually when we have friends round and we count the bottles in the morning lol!

Funnily enough its not wine for me at the moment, its food, I just wanna eat!!! Not going to tho, gonna convince my lovely hubby to watch a movie in bed when we put the kids to bed in an hour or so (did that last night and it worked!)



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i could kill for a gin & tonic! :D


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Oh I know how you feel. I always have wine in the evening to unwind after work and the kids. I am struggling to get out of the routine.

I am just having a lot of baths and stupid amounts of fluids. Sometimes I even put my water in a wine glass, cos I am used to holding it, I am that sad lol


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Yep I'd love a glass of red wine, that's my downfall .... problem is that one glass soon leads to two etc etc -- I'll stick to my flavoured water I guess!


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Trace, I have my fizzy water in my wine glass!!! hmmm yup sad!!!
ahh well i can imagine its wine!


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Actually its not a bad idea (fizzy water in a wine glass) for a person like me that can take it or leave it when it comes to wine. Do like cava and champagne, oh what am I on about lol x