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Hiya Claire

I did this diet last year and you have to be really good when on it. Its so easy to have that little slip but you dont need it you are better than that. Keep with it pet and on weigh in day you will feel fab.

Its a tough diet no doubt about it but the results are def there for those who stick with it. The results are more than you could hope for on any other diet and you will feel slim, trim and fab in no time

Best of luck pet



Never Ever Give Up!
You have to decide what's more important to you, putting your social life on hold for a while and lose lots of weight, or keep drinking and not lose weight. When I started I thought it would be very hard to not have my wine, but I must say, that for the 3.5 months I was on LT, I didn't miss the alcohol one bit! It was much harder not to eat....

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Of course you can manage without drink. I loved my drink and thought I'd never cope without it. I lasted 26 weeks without it. It has actually changed my attitude to drink. I discovered I can have just as fab a time without it!!!!
Drinking in ketosis is very serious so do not do it!
drinking while your in ketosis is extremely dangerous, thers a sticky thread on here somewhere about it, please take some time to try and find it and read up about it b4 u make ur decission xx
Unfortunatly I did drink on Friday night but only 1/3 of the amount I would normally drink, I had 4 vodkas with a little diet coke and a lot of sparkeling water and ice .
I became very hungry but didn't eat and I was also very naughty and only had one shake and half a soup. I'm yet to learn if it's impacted on my weight loss which I'm sure it will. Was it worth it? Only weigh in can tell roll on tuesday judgement day


Never Ever Give Up!
So I guess your social life is more important than your health... no offense but a few people have warned you about the dangers of drinking whilst in ketosis. I don't wanna sound like a biatch but you are obviously not in the right frame of mind to do LT....
Offence completely taken if u read the date of the post u will notice the advice posts came after the night I had drank. It is still ultimately my decision.
Hi clair louise. I just wanted to offer you a word of support. Everyone on here knows that its really hard to do tfr. The alcohol will have taken you out of ketosis and it will take a few days of will power to get you back into ketosis. It was a huge accomplishment to not eat and coming out of ketosis will not have a major impact on your weight loss, it just makes it a bit more difficult not to eat for a few days. We all still need to enjoy our lives while on any diet and if you decided having a good night was important on this occasion than then you've done the right thing for you. I'm here's so I can feel happy, really enjoying your night makes you happy. You still deserve praise for every day you've been 100% and I say well done. :)
The alcohol will have taken you out of ketosis and it will take a few days of will power to get you back into ketosis.
Its not being taken out of ketosis thats the problem with alcohol, its really really dangerous to drink when youre in ketosis. People have been really ill, blacked out and some ended up in hospital as a result. Its just something you shouldnt do, and its nothing to do with ketosis. Being knocked out of ketosis is potentially the least of your worries.

This post from CW Councellor probably explains it better

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Thanx shazbot I wasn't actually out of ketosis as I chose carb free alcohol, I have done atkins in the passed for long periods of time and drank alcohol and was fine. I only had 4 drinks so it's not quite a binge an that was over 4/5 hours. I know

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