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Extra Easy Alcohol!!!!

Hi there everyone, just looking for a bit of advice really, I'm going to Tenerife on Friday for 10 days and I'm feeling a bit anxious as I've just started back at SW and very much feeling in the zone and don't wanna mess up my hard work but also want to have a good time!!! We're going self catering so I'm feeling ok about what I'll be eating but alcohol??? :confused: What do folks recommend as if I'm truthful I'm a bit of a wino but it's so high in syns!!!! However it's also been the reason for putting the weight back on, such a lush so don't wanna fall back into bad habits!!!!! :) Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated but NOT "don't drink!!!" Love S xxxxx
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I'm not a drinker myself hun so wouldn't no what would be the best choice, but why not just stick to SW friendly meals, which should be quite easy self catering, then enjoy the wine! 15 syns must give you a nice big glass of vino? Limit yourself to 1 glass a day, or 10 glasses for the week, maybe have 5 nights with no wine and 5 nights with 2 glasses a night or something? I know spirits with diet mixers are less syns than wine, but if you enjoy wine you should have what you like on holiday :) Goodluck xx
This year I was in the same boat although I didn't really stick to plan at all food wise, I did eat lots of fish. Drinks wise I stuck mainly to wine with my meals and either vodka or Bacardi and diet coke. I didn't think I'd been making wise choices but after 2 weeks away and a disgustingly large take away Indian the day we came back, I'd only gained 3 lbs! I was gobsmacked as I've been known to put on over double that before. If you're in the zone I'm sure you'll be making at least some right choices while you're away. I think I must have been, at least subconsciously! I have to point out that I'm a big drinker too, especially on holiday and drank every single lunch time and night! My husband who is also coming to SW with me drank cocktails (all the creamy ones) and Irish coffees and ate loads of red meat and he put on 7lbs.... I'm sure sticking to wine and diet mixers and steering clear of the beer and cocktails will help keep your weight gain to a minimum. However, what's a holiday without gaining something?! It's not a holiday to me if I don't come back heavier! Have a great time! :)
Just keep your food choices sensible and I am sure you will limit the damage. And of course, you are on holiday, you let your hair down...enjoy the wine. I too love my wine, but if im keeping on top of syns, I have a vodka diet coke before Dinner, then wine with my meal. And I agree that lots of water helps :)
I love my wine :party0036:but I think if you make good food choices throughout the day it leaves room to indulge. And drink lots of water too, that always helps.
i agree ! you could say you wont start drinking before a certain time of the day (ha ha ha i do that every day in UK) and rememebr half a bottle of wine is your full syn allowance, so decide if you want to stick to it. add ice to your white wine (if its white you drink) and add soda if you can (a small amount does dilute it a bit lol). you can drink gin if you like it ? but i know slimline tonic is hard and expensive to find. 6 gins a day is all your syns!!!

i agree tho, if you eat your food choices carefully and save your syns for booze you could limit the damage. but failing that you could drink and eat and enjoy knowing you will pick it up when you get home
I do self catering holidays all the time and basically I plan what meals Im going to eat for the week beforehand, buy all the stuff and make sure it sticks totally within the plan - but I let myself drink what I like, almost always wine. I usually stay the same or even lose. I've never put weight ON on holiday by the time WI comes round the week I get back.

My food diary is here if you're interested. I make lots of BBQs and salads to go with them and stuff or easy stuff like stuffed chicken breast. You can make the spice mixes/marinades before you go to save you time for your holiday.

Also like others said you could drink spirits with diet mixers and stuff or spritzers by putting diet lemonade/spoarkling water in your wine, or just do one alcoholic to one non-alcoholic drink. Personally that doesn't work for me though as I diotn enjoy it so it misses the point - and it is a holiday after all, a couple of pounds is no biggy and easy to shift within a week or so.

Above all have fun! x :)
Oh yeah and I dont drink in the day either. No drinks before 7pm is the rule (though usually I swear it's 7pm at about 6... :rolleyes: )

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