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Technically you are not supposed to drink any alcohol during induction darling, but I'll confess I did. I couldn't bear going to the pub with my mates and drinking diet coke. I drank Red Wine and still do. That plus the odd G&T if it's a nice summer day. Fat chance of that these days.
im a vodka drinker jim, Did you find it made any difference to your losses? Its just i have an engagement party to attend next week and il be a just nearing the end of induction


Wannabe Lean!!!
Jules I had a birthday party for a mate on day 8 of my induction, I drank Gin and Slimline Tonics all night and I still lost 3lbs that week :) As long as you have carb free it can be a naughty treat :)


Wannabe Lean!!!
No but thats what I like that is zero carb :) If you google 'carbs in alcohol' there is a site that tells you the carbs in all spirits and wines and mixers, can't remember the name just now. x
Gin, whisky, vodka, rum, brandy with a sugar free mixer are all ok carb-wise. Not recommended on induction as Jim says, but you can always see for yourself if it slows down your weight loss or not.
You know those little Blossom Hill bottles that hold two small glasses, or one big one? One of those per night. I used to drink two of those in the pub, then go home to a full bottle, then usually have a can or two of lager on top, so that is good for me :)
Alcohol will briefly knock you out of ketosis because your body can't store alcohol so has to burn that in preference to burning fat. This is why many people on lc diets don't recommend it.

It's all down to the individual and I never found it stalled me when on lc - but I do know people who have found otherwise.

How close to goal are you and what sort of weight loss are you getting per week at the moment?
Hiya karenlou, im nine pounds away!!!! I lost the majority on cambridge but was mis informed by my cdc and was basically starving my body as i should have been further up the plans than i was! However i switched to atkins ( after a mini break from dieting all together! ) last sunday and have really enjoyed the foods im eating, like i mentioned im a serial weigher, i know this is bad for me but im just soooooo close to where i want to be

I had some g & T's last night ( and i love em!!! ), have just tested and im still in ketosis, Perhaps the diet coke knocked you out??
I normally drink vodka but thought id give the gin a whirl as iv read on here of others drinking it and theyv still lost!!! Its gona be my tipple of choice from now on, remember to use slimline tonic though xx
thanx, me too think i'll give the vodka's a miss & try the g & t's its one of the drinks i've never tried always thought of it as a grown-up drink but at 27 i guess i fit in that catergory lol

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