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Alighterlife day one...day from Hell

Day one is supposed to hard right? your ment to take it easy, avoid stress to make the transition onto lighterlife easier? I don't think my day could get any worse!

My husband mad a trip to America yesterday at 4pm uk time and he has gone missing! I am currently awaiting a phonecall to see if in 1 hr he makes it to New York via bus as his flight was to Washington, but the times don't make sense. He promised to call me midnight (uk time) but I heard nothing, I called around noone has heard from him. the person who was ment to be meeting him in NY has not heard from him, his phone is switched off.

I am waiting 1 more hour before I call police to report him as missing and they call interpol and then british commission.
I couldnt go to work at 2pm, the stress was too much. I have had to ask my mother to take my little princess for the night as I keep crying, I'm at my wits end.

YOu may wonder why I am on bloomin Minimins but I need to divert my stress, have been on the internet all day trying to get flight info, american telephone numbers everything.

I keep fearing the worse, my MIL is staying with me at the moment, she is all over the shop, not being very helpful, not her fault.

I just pray to God that he is being a typical male and not thought to call....but why is his phone switched off? what happened to him, did he make the coach? what did he do inbetween getting off his flight and getting the coach ( a gap of about 7 hrs) why didnt he call then?
there is no trace of him after the flight, he wasnt stopped by officials, and I cant locate the coach he took as there are literilly hundreds.

I have stayed so far on my LL shakes (2 so far) BUT the stress is getting to me, maybe I'm too stressed to eat, and this nausea is the stress.

I just want a call that my husband is ok. I need to know whats going on.
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Oh my goodness me, you poor thing, I can't believe you're going through this :( I didn't see what time you posted your message but inshallah you have heard something from your husband by now? I can't imagine how stressed and worries you are, especially with your MIL there too. Keep calm and we're here for you. Email me if you need to let off more steam xxx

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Aw that's so awful, hope he is being a typical thoughtless male who's battery had run out on his phone!!

Stay strong and think positive xx

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Thats dreadful, hopefully he has just misplaced his phone. Please let us know when you find him - am sending positive thoughts your way.

The feeling sick is probably stress but I have found it helpful in the early days of lightlife to drink a glass of water before and during the shakes as it seems that the concentrations of vitimins etc make me feel sick and give me an upset tummy otherwise. After a couple of days your tummy will get used to this and you will stop feeling sick.

I hope everything is OK, please let us know.

Lots of hugs


AKA...the WEEB
Welcome to the forum. Great place to de-stress and let it all out.

What a terrible last few days for you. I hope you get some news soon and do keep us informed. Positive thoughts all round.

here is hoping that he had to turn his phone off while in the air and perhaps he accidently left his phone on the plane?

thinking of ya
Oh honey, that's awful! Have everything crossed for you that everything turns out well, he probably is just being a typical man as everyone says and the phone battery gave up the ghost. Will be thinking about you, xx


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Oh no, im sure he is fine and just hasnt turned his phone back on. keep us updated, we are all here for u if u wanna chat xx
Hey all, Thanks so much for your help, what a dramatic day!
I now have the migrane from hell, I'm just having shake number 3 (22:31hrs) don't think i'll manage number 4 tho, so I'll tell you whats been going on....drama time......

So my cheapskate of a husband decided to travel to America on a oneway standby ticket, with a large amount of cash because he was going to ship a car he had already paid for to Africa. any hoot after 22 hrs frantic calls to the american airport who tell me they have no detainees, calls to 5 hospitals in Washington, call to uk police to report him as missing, hyperventilating, I get a call from a friend of a friend who got told by the agent who sold the ticket that he was being detained at the airport. So I call them on the home phone and they refuse to let me know if they have him. so I call british commission who say they will find out. turns out is is being detained because of the one way ticket, and is being deported in 2 hrs time so will hopefully be back in uk by 7am.

I'm gonna kill him!

I am relieved as I was a right state, I genuinly thought my husband who is the love of my life, was dead somewhere.

But I have stayed true to LL, and think if I can do LL on this stress, then I can do it anywhere (even tho the indian takeaway menu was calling me)

So apologies for off loading all this drama to you all, bit strange to be telling people I don't know my busisness, but its helping me vent.
I must get off and try and get some sleep so I can pick hubby up in the morning...by the time I'm finished he might just wish he was still in detention...........lol

Thanks again everyone

@ummZakaria, I tried emailing you but it got send back to me :(
(JasakAllah Kahair)


Tough But Sexy X
OMG, I am sorry you have had a nightmare day but how funny is your idiot husband!! Its the sort of thing my ex would do, what a plank. I actually think you will kill him so being detained is somewhat of a blessing for him at the moment. Poor you xx
OMG, I am sorry you have had a nightmare day but how funny is your idiot husband!! Its the sort of thing my ex would do, what a plank. I actually think you will kill him so being detained is somewhat of a blessing for him at the moment. Poor you xx
Lol he is an idiot husband, always screwing things up, but he is lovely :p I just look forward to looking at him coming out of the arrival gate with his tail inbetween his legs and his journey home...I may just wind him up a bit. His mum is looking forward to seeing him as well. She didnt seemed too impressed with her hysterical daughter in law, wailing about the house...hmmmm I think I need to get a grip. but I honestly thought the worse had happened


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awwwww bet ur sighing a HUGE sigh on relief! x


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I would have thought the worse! You can dine out on this for ages, hypothetically! Bless him lol xx

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ooooh, Hubby home, email written to start cain of complaints about hubbys treatment in us custody....but thats another story lol
but day two and despite earlier hunger pangs, I'm doing alright. Will defo do 4 packs today, managed to drink 4 litres yesterday. done 2 litres already but had to use the water taster powder thingys as the water got a bit boring. How are you all keeping.

Long term lighterlifers does the time go quickly?


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Yes the time does go quickly after the first few weeks xxx


Tough But Sexy X
Hey glad he is back safe!

The days fly by before you know it you will have reached so many milestones.

I have to use the water flavours can't stomach plain water anymore. Xx

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Phew, I'm so glad all is ok.

The diet does get easier, it kind of turns into routine. I had a few tough days around days 4&5 as I think I was literally grieving food! It does pass though, I promise xxx

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I do hope your right girlies, I get bored so easily, hence I eat a lot when I'm bored. I suppose when I really think about it I'm not actually hungry, just a bit bored. I may go swimming later....some me time!
Tomorrow I'm back to work, first day at work on LL. I work outdoors on buses (glamour job I know) lol but I dunno when/where I am gonna pee sorry if tmi, but i'm weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing a lot at the mo, plus how am I gonna shake shake shake?
I blend with ice, lovely, but time will tell eh?

I also have a mini meet with the LL lady, is it true I get a WI?



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Phew I am so glad you have got him back, been thinking about you all day but can't log in on this website at work. I am sure that he will appreciate how much you love him, once you have finished being cross anyway!

Yes, LL lady will weigh you on your midweek weigh-in. She will also ask you to wee on a stick so that she can see if you are in ketosis, will swap any food packs and generally check that you are OK. I had a mid week weigh-in for the first three weeks. You shouldn't have any problems, you have just proved you can cope with anything without resorting to food. I am seriously impressed! Well done you :)


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