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All by myself and dragging the husband along!

Well I have been attending group regularly since October apart from having to travel with work and having some time off at Christmas. Managed to lose close to three stone however disappointingly the SW group I attended got way too overcrowded and so I have decided to go it alone. Well with the books... and dragging my husband along (he's lost two stone so far)...and using these forums.
I have dropped two dress sizes so far and want to continue to lose until I get to a healthy BMI target something I don't think I've been in for years, possibly when I was an infant!

I do weigh myself every day but it helps me think about what my targets are when the chocolate biscuits come round the office...

I also have food allergies. Haven't put my finger on it exactly but tomatoes, processed foods, wine, possibly sulphites and some stock cubes set my rash off. So hopefully avoiding these things where possible.
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Ok today was shopping day where I avoided the malteaser bunnies and got only on plan food in (that is a success!) :-

35g oats (HeB)
1 mullerlight
frozen berries
chopped up pear
- I mix this up overnight and pop it in the fridge and eat it in the morning usually in two sittings. One at breakfast and one as that mid morning snack
My cappucino -
75ml skimmed milk (HeA)
1tbspn ginger syrup (2 syn) - I cannot live without this

This is my standard breakfast

Vietnamese style Turkey noodle soup - From extra easy SW book - filled it with veggies to fill me up - no syns

3 satsumas
1 mullerlight with choc pieces

Dinner - no syns
Ok Turkey steaks were on offer at lidl
Turkey burgers - put shallots, chilli, coriander, and some lime juice in the blender mixed it up and made burgers
Served with pak choi and mushrooms stir fried and then added 100ml stock, reduced it down then added some thai fish sauce (pak choi was on offer at Aldi!)

Jelly pot for after - 1/2 syn (is it can't remember!)

Mowed the lawn, edged half the lawn, did some laundry, potted some mangetout seeds up (so easy to grow your own!), jet washed the patio (consisted of mainly jet washing the moss onto my legs) made my breakfast for tomorrow and started this diary.
Scales imply 0.01lbs till my three stone loss. Whose idea was it to buy scales that measured in kg to one decimal place?
That 3 stone is mine this week. That's half a stone off since leaving group including a 3 week holiday in the Philippines.

OK breakfast is the usual oats, mullerlight, berries and pear. Up at 4:45am to catch the train to London and just can't finish it all in one sitting so it's in my bag for when I get to the office. And my cappuccino which is more like 125ml of milk and then the syrup 2 syns

1/4 sw syn free quiche - containing asparagus (on special at aldi), no fat gammon chunks, mushrooms, onion, broccoli
3 very small satsumas, one small jazz apple

Vietnamese turkey noodle soup left overs- no syns

Well I'm low on hexa so a Barbaby bel
Got leftovers from a tomatoe, butternut squash, sweet potato and bacon casserole. Was zero syn but I bumped it up with Quorn Cumberland sausages so about 2 syns

Will walk.about 8000 steps to and from work taking the long route over London Bridge about 4km.

Goals - Really need to work on exercise as haven't been to the gym in months maybe I will try to take a walk at lunchtime to get up to 10k steps
Also need to drink more water


Happy Little Bunny
You have done very well to date Emma, keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your diary. xx
Thanks pink. I had a bit of a wobble yesterday but instead of something synful I went to the desserts page and hunted down the sw brownie receipe. Couple of syns for yesterday on those. Not bad but I think I'm a buy the real thing and just have a little (husband may have to hide the leftovers) rather than low syn substitute kind of a girl.

So today, my usual breakfast with added passion fruit.

Snacks three of the smallest Satsumas you've ever seen.
Also when out waking I went to starbucks but got a tall skinny fat free vanilla latte so that's no syns and the milk from my hexa.

Had a small walk at lunch but goggled and 10000 steps is five miles! I average more like 3 in a normal day. Maybe over the summer I can get to the recommended amount.

I also popped into m&s as my bras do not fit me anymore. Told the fitter that id lost three stone and she immediately asked if it was slimming world! Shes lost 15lbs since Jan, so we swapped fab receipes!

Anyway I've gone from a 40b to 36dd! This was a bit shocking to me and I recommend getting measured up if anyone else is losing weight there. Having the right support feels alot better.

Lunch was more soup and a slice of the sw quiche.
Tonight I'm again on leftovers as hubby is away. Probably the turkey burgers that I made over the weekend with veg. Mullerlight Turkish delight flavour and a jelly pot for dessert.
I would like to announce it have a severe attack of the munchies already eating all my breakfast, lunch and snacks. I will not break from plan!
So yesterday.

125ml skimmed milk for my coffee
35g porridge oats for breakfast

The leftovers seem to be neverending. My Vietnamese style noodle soup is looking like a glutinous mess as the noodles have absorbed the broth. But still edible. Had that for lunch with three small satsumas and a jazz apple, love those. Made another asparagus gammon and mushroom quiche and had a slice of that too.
Had the munchies but went to sainsbury and got a fruit pack and a couple more satsumas. Got home and after a couple of the sw brownies, had the bns, sweet potato and tomato casserole with Turkish delight mullerlight for after.

Thursday night is work drinks for people's birthdays, I've got two slices of quiche and a yogurt to take the edge off being hungry and not getting home till later and am not drinking so should be on plan.

Scales have me at 15st 6.7lbs so broke the three stone mark. Now the battle with the 6.7 lbs begins.

10000 steps is impossible unless we move. Pacer gives me 7200 if I go the long way in the commute in. That's going to have to do
Oh syns for yesterday, 2 for tbspn coffee syrup, 2 for sw brownie and I think I snuck in a jelly pot for one syn. 5 total and not enough hexa
HexA- 125ml skimmed milk and a light babybel
HexB - 35g porridge oats

Normal breakfast - coffee syrup 2 syns
After all the talk of tea I had teas in the office with skimmed milk and stevia as the sweetner. probably 3 syns total

Lunch I am STILL on leftovers. Zero syn soup, 4 satsumas, an apple, a mullerlight and two slices of zero syn SW quiche. However I didn't have dinner because I came in late and thougth if I ate it would wake me up!

Unfortunately at the works drink I had a G&T (not even slimline tonic) I believe 6.5syns. But then I switched to diet coke, I think zero syns.

Came home late and had a SW brownie 1 syn.

So quite a bad synning day for me at 12.5 syns. On the exercise front I did manage to walk back home from the station even though it was late and I was tired.

Today is shopping day and I will not go to the malteaser bunny aisle. Need to get planning for the week. Hubby is back on Thursday so finally I will be done with eating one thing all week when he gets on plan!

My official recording weight day is saturday...not far now.
For starbucks I get the sugar free vanilla/caramel, which I count as zero syns. At home I bought Monin Gingerbread Syrup (same stuff costa use) You can get sugar free versions of that for no syns but I really like the ginerbread one. 1 tbspn of that is 2 syns, no idea how much they put in at the coffee shops so you have to watch out for that if not going with sugar free
Well its at home weigh in day and I have lost dah dah dah another 2lb off. Which means I have 5lbs to go for the 15stone milestone when my BMI drops from obese to overweight. Need to get on it and plan plan plan for next week.
Hexa 250ml skimmed milk
HexB porridge
Im still on the neverending leftovers. When will they end...

Breakfast-as usual overnight oats fruit and a coffee with syrup 2 syns
Had a second coffee and SW brownie - 3 syns

Lunch - jacket potato and mushy peas - allergic to beans!

4 small satsumas and 1 small apple 1 SW brownie 1 syn

Evening mean never ending vietnamese noodle soup
and I went to Waitrose avoided the bunnies but could not avoid the Montezuma Chilli and Lime chocolate. Had a bit and now its back in the fridge so I would say about 20g but can't find the syn value. Its 554kcal for 100g, so I had 111g, someone said use 20kcal per syn so 5 .5 syns.

So 11.5 syns which is again rather high for me.

Today I will be better. Meal planning and a run to the garden centre.
So yesterday
HexA 125ml skimmed milk, ok I need to work on this
HexB 35 g porridge oats

Usual breakfast-2syns
Lunch Slimming world chips, a bit of a treat. Hartley Jelly 1/2 syn
finally finished the vietnamese zero syn soup!

Turkey steak slices things, mango salsa and portabello mushrooms

1/2syn roulade - first time of making and made it with frozen friuit. Way too runny with the excess water. Will do better next time.

Woke up feeling grotty. Throat really aching :(
HexA 250 skimmed milk
HexB 35g porridge oats

Two coffees with syrup - 4 syns

I managed to dehydrate the life out of some jacket potatoes I was doing in the oven so I scooped out the insides, added onion and chive cottage cheese and gammon pieces and had that. Not bad considering how bad they were dehydrated. Also finally finished off the vietnamese soup.

two satsumas, one muller light, two hartley jelly pots and some of that chocolate in the fridge - 6 syns. Oh and finished of the roulade

Felt like pasta. So had wholemeal pasta carbonara - about 1 syn with the parmesan. Very easy to make though and I added mushrooms, gammon and some spinach. Have to get thouse SF foods in.

11 syns total today. Quite high for me.

Went shopping and again over bought. Roasted a chicken for my soups in the week, and a gammon joint for the week ( I find better tasting than bacon). The cats get to eat the skin from the chicken so they are happy :) Asda are doing 10 mullerlight for £3 so snapped up some of those.

Got a friend coming to stay from friday who is a veggie so need to find some great SW veggie recipes for when they stay. Filled up the freezer with quorn!

Still feeling grotty :(
Oh noticed my target was wrong. I need to lose 7.5 stone. My god, that sounds alot! I can't update my signatuire just yet-too few posts but these are what I am thinking...(without the obvious 1/5 stone milestones)

14st 13lbs - into Overweigt BMI not obese (also would have lost 50lbs)
14st 10.5lbs - half way point
12st 6lb - into healthy BMI
11st 5lbs - 100lbs lost
11st target

Other side targets:-
get into and be comfortable to sit down(!) in Size 16 trousers
Size 14 trousers


Happy Little Bunny
You're doing really well. Well done on the 2lb loss again this week.

I am looking forward to going from the obese BMI to just overweight bracket too. 7lbs to go...

Thanks pink. It's been a long time since I was just overweight! About the same weight for us both to lose. I want that 6lbs gone, think we can be there in three weeks?
I think it's 50 posts and then it opens up.

Hexa 125ml skimmed milk and a babybel light
Hexb 35g oats

Normal breakfast -2syns

Satsumax2, Apple, mango, mullerlight as snacks

Chicken noodle zero syn soup which I had kind of late so quite bad, but I did not have any dinner

Still feeling ill. Feel really bunged up. This is my second cold back to back.
Argh I feel so grotty and for some reason my allergies picked up today so I have a swollen lip. I've been taking an effervescent Vit B tablet in the mornings and maybe that is setting me off but feel I did it as I've had back to back colds and got visitors coming on Friday so I need to be well. Luckily I can work from home so don't have to go into London every day when feeling ill.

HexA 125ml skimmed milk and a babybel
HexB 35g oats

Breakfast 2 syns for my syrup
4 satsumas and an apple as snacks

Zero syn chicken noodle soup and a slice of SW quiche

Leftovers (!) the wholemeal pasta carbanara and a mullerlight - 1 syn for the parmesan

19g of the montezuma chocolate was 105kcal so 5 syns. Only 8 syns for the day so happy with that. Husbands back from South Africa tomorrow so will be interesting what weight he will be when he gets back. He went on a business trip to Chile and put on 9lbs! The group were horrified! Trying to keep him on track but I think the weighing in at group keeps him motivated more than me. We shall see how he gets on over the next month.

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