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At the end of week 2 started on ss but Friday had an awfull day feeling sick and dizzy so had some chicken and salad as well 2 shakes did the same Saturday checked my wee and out of ketosis.

Now I was thinking of of carrying on like this 2 shakes or 1 bar 1 shake and a healthy meal at night ie chicken or fish with salad or veg no carbs like bread pasta etc so this would be like ss+ right ????
I really want to add some exercise into my routine I'm missing not doing much for myself just seems to be work kids cleaning etc I like to get out to the gym or a class, really want to do Zumba but will this slow the weight loss down ?? As I was told not to exercise whilst on ss I don't know what to do for the best.

I get on great with 2 shakes 1 for Bfast 1 for lunch but the evening one I just can't stomach and making me feel Poorly so that's why I thought of a meal I'm guessing that is better than giving up I've got a goal of a 2 stone to lose by 11 Aug I've lost 10 lb so far and really want to achieve this just don't think I can cope completely ss

I do know that after 2/3 wks it gets easier as after the first wk I did stop feeling hungry etc I just can't stomach 3 shakes a day and the soup and porridge make me want to heave so they out of the question.

Some similar situations ref. ss+ would be great thanks :0)
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Hi :)

You must have 3 cambridge products a day whether doing SS, SS+ or 810, if you can stomach the two shakes then have this plus a bar. You need the vitamins from 3 products plus the calories or you Will be poorly. You only drop down to 2 products when you do 1000 and you are having carbs and proper meals :)


Happiest Girl :D
Oh, forgot to say, have you tried mousses? They are lovely :)
I have tried the mouse mix took me a while for consistency but got there in the end

So 3 cd products and a meal I take it you don't go into ketosis this way but I suppose I'm more likely to succeed doing it this way than with no food at all.

Any thoughts on the exercising ???

Thanks x


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You do stay in ketosis keep your small meal to the advised weights for ss+ and you'll be fine

With the salad just make sure it's green salad only nothing pickled either

Carbs aren't the only thing to take you out of ketosis it's the dreaded citric acid too
Yeah I agree you have to have all three products to ensure you are getting all your necessary nutrients. This is to keep you healthy and to stop you from maybe feeling feint and dizzy.

As long as you stick to the perscribed cabridge diet food weight you'll also stay in ketoisis. So thats a bonus.

In relation to expercise, dont do too much too soon. You body needs time to adjuset to the little amout of enery it is getting at the moment. So maybe start off small and add in little bits of exercise as you go. I heard too much exereicse it can actually slow weightloss on cambridge. Not sure if this is true though.


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Just to add that ketostix are notoriously unreliable and I wouldn't take a blind bit of notice of them if I were you. Some people don't 'spill' any ketones into their urine, though they might breathe them out or sweat them out instead. You might be one of those people. Equally, you might just have a duff batch of ketostix. :)

If you're doing SS+, you'll almost certainly be in ketosis, no matter what the stix say. It's not actually all that important, anyway - being in ketosis is useful because it helps to keep hunger at bay. But it'll make no difference to how quickly you shed pounds. People get unnecessarily hung up on the importance of ketosis, where in fact it's the number of calories you're consuming (or rather, not consuming) that's important.
I'd be a bit careful with exercise. I am on 1000 plan and am planning to step down to 810, but I did a hard aerobic workout today and felt very hungry and faint for a few hours till I had my evening meal. So no way would I want to do that workout on even less food. That said, I read in Cambridge booklets that doing exercise to the same level that you were doing it before you started the diet should be fine.
I Agee with the whole ketosis stuff it's all about lbs shed and inch loss.
I would say I was quite active before starting cd I jog and go to the gym ( didn't loose no weight with it though as obviously ate too much but haven't done any exercise since starting this and I actually miss the buzz and high you get after exercising. I don't want it to affect any weight loss but I do understand as being on such low calorie diet I may run myself down I'm thinking 3 exercise days a week my plan on my exercise days will be .....
Shake - Bfast
Bar - lunch
Light meal - dinner
Gym , run or Zumba class
Shake for supper
Lots of water through day

Surely that should be ok and weight loss still good what do you think ?????


Reaching the goal
Start off with a little walking. Perhaps do it 15 minutes per day then just increase it if you feel your body is ready.
Will do thanks I'm a strong believer in listening to your body and when it's had enough I think in the gym I will steady walk on treadmill bike and weights I do want to tone as well as lose weight all I keep thinking about is yes lose weight with the cd but surely fat arms then turn to bingo wings I suppose I'm trying to run before I can walk.
I only really want to lose approx 2 stone maybe a bit more as have no desire to be skinny as I know I could never maintain it but would really like to see a difference for my hols.

Thanks everyone xxxx


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My tip would be to resist weighing except at weekly weigh in. Weight tends to fluctuate for some and if you are easily discouraged with weight loss, seeing a gain, which sometimes happens mid weigh-in it may send you over the edge of an already tough beginning. Don't give up especially in the beginning when you may feel you can't go on. One day at a time. Best of luck to you that you meet your goals.
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