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All I want for crimbo is a stone lost!!

Ok so I've started today and it's eight weeks until christmas eve so when I weigh in that morning I want to see 10st 13lb on the scales!!!:scale:
I have a couple of obsticles in the way - my birthday on the 7th Dec and my work's christmas meal on the 10th Dec but I'm going to try so flippin' hard!!:superwoman:
I know I'm going to get chocs for my birthday, I always do, oh and wine cos my friends and family know me well! I'm just going to count them in if I can. :party0036:
I can do this as I've done it before. I got down to 10st 3lb eight years ago for my 30th birthday doing WW so why can't I do it again?:thinking2:

I've achieved a couple of things so far this year already so losing weight will be the icing on the cake! :candle1:
First achievement was to overcome anxiety and stop my medication - done April after 3 years! Second achievement was to grow my nails and stop biting - done!!!:party0019:

I'm ready!! :gimi:
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WI today and I lost 3lbs!!!! Woop woop! I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing!!


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well done chick, thats great! x
Woop woop!! Another WI and another 3lbs!! Well pleased!!
Thank you!! Another WI and another 3lbs lost!!! 9lbs in total so far now!! Only 5lbs to go for my stone before crimbo!!! Woop!!

Another WI another pound lost!! 4lbs to go for my stone goal!!
Yes I am, but I do tend to go over now and again but I don't beat myself up over it, I just get back on track and be good for a few days.
oh well done!!
Uh oh! I've gained 3lbs this week, but I did expect it. It was my birthday Tuesday and I had lunch and dinner out and ordered what I wanted!
It's ok though, I'm allowed a blip! Back on track now until christmas!!
Don't worry too much about your gain it's your bday, it's allowed!! You seem to have the right attitude anyway! I'm intrigued to know how you managed to stop biting your nails?? Mine are a disgrace and would love to stop but literally can't!! I tell my self I'm going to and then I forget. By the time I remember they are bitten away to nothing again?? Would love to grow mine!!
Thank you! I manged to grow my nails (although not that long) just through painting a very pail pink on everyday (not allowed coloured for work) and using the bitter tasting stuff. As they got longer and looked nice I didn't want to bite them!
I do still have a nibble now and then tho and feel really guilty afterwards. Depends how stressed i am!!
You've spurred me on to conciously try and grow my nails, although I have to say I am such a die hard nail biter that I'm not even put off by that bitter tasting stuff! Not tried painting light varnish on though, will give it a bash thanks!! :D
I was used to the stuff you paint on but I put it on twice a day and got really sick of it so I didn't chew my nails anymore!
Good luck, though you'll notice a difference in a week!
Right, another WI and I've lost a pound! I know I'm off track for my stone before christmas but I'm still happy!
Actually I weighed myself when I got home from work this afternoon and I'd lost another pound, but I won't count that!

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