All married and back on LT!!!


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Hey everyone....

I dont think i know anyone on here anymore but i really hope everyone is finding LT a lifechanging decision as it was for me! Well, heres my story for people who dont know me!

I started LT on 16th April for my October wedding. I had bought my dress back in January when i was a size 16-18 and i was that determined i was gonna lose weight that i bought it in a size 12! It got to the start of April and i hadn't even attempted to do anything about my weight, so with my size 12 dress hung up staring me in the face, i decided i needed to do something pretty drastic to shed this weight! Then came in LT! It was the best decision i have ever made as by my Hen Weekend on 27th June i was a size 12 and my dress fit like a dream!!!

Anyway, I got married on 3rd October and had the best day of my life! I honestly felt like a princess! And my 3 beautiful girls looked stunning! (Had to get that in there somewhere!!) It followed by an all inclusive honeymoon in sure you all think thats why im starting LT again.....its acually not! I never put a pound on in Mexico!! Its since i've been back home!! I think from all the food being there and ready for you on our Honeymoon i didn't tend to eat much at all, and since i've been home, i've forgotten how to cook!! Or i'll just be honest and let you all know that i simply cant be bothered!!!

I knew i had put weight on in my clothes so i know now is the right time to start. Im on day 4 now and its going good. I haven't had the urge to eat as i have my skinny jeans hung on my wardrobe that are a tad too tight!

I started LT at 12st 5lb and finished at 10st. In between then and the wedding, i was maintaing between 10st and 10st 5lb....i was 11st 1 1/2lb on Monday so i would say i have put about 10lb on. I know that i can shift this pretty quick but i do want to stay on this for a month and see where i get to. I am a godmother for my best friends beautiful baby girl on 7th December so i aim to re-feed around 5th so i can have a good day and hopefully be the weight i want ready for Christmas!!

Anyway, sorry to go on and thanks for reading.....i just that i know the place to come for support, thats why im back here!

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Fantastic, great story and well done you!!! Many congratulations on becoming a Mrs as well!!!


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Cheers....Oh, i could just eat a milk tray!!!!!

You have done fantasic!!! Well done!! xx


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Welcome back congrats on becoming Mrs sounds like you had a fantasic
all the best


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Hi there! what a lovely story, you've done so well. And well done for getting a grip of the weight before it becomes a big problem! xx


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Thanks for the support! xx


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Hiya chick, well done on your weight loss, what an achievement. OMG ya look amazing, gotta see those wedding pics too!! Congrats on becoming a Mrs too and a god mother as well, ya have been a busy gal!!


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Well done for losing the weight to have your dream wedding and congrats on getting hitched , best of luck in losing the 10lbs x


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hey Rhian welcome back glad the wedding went ok and good luck with LT xx


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Hey Rhian, well done you for jumping right back on the LT train, you will lose that in no time, and be in those skinny jeans before you know it.

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Welcome back to the madhouse hun :) Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time! x


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Welcome back babe. You'll be a gorgeous slim Godmother in no time!