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Extra Easy All meals need 1/3 sf?


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You need 1/3rd superfree in every meal on a extra easy day, and you do need to stick to whatever plan you choose all day. There was an old plan where you could have red or green meals but don't know anything more than that.


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Any specific meal when EE can be all red (with SF veggies), all green (with SF veggies) or a mix with your 1/3 superfree i.e you can have vegetarian pasta or a chicken hotpot with no green foods... :)

But you MUST aim to have at least 1/3 of each meal superfree veggies/fruit.


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I understand if you're eating red day / green day in the same meal.. But say u have EE for brek and lunch. Can you just have a bowl of pasta for dinner with no red day free foods? Or does your plate still have to have 1/3 super free foods because over the whole day you follow EE? Does this make sence?? Lol thanks
You can have your bowl of pasta for dinner with no red free foods but you should still include your third superfree for it to count as an EE meal
the old plan was thar you could have red/green meals but couldn't combine them in one meal.You could have red for brekkie,green for lunch and maybe red for tea. You could choose hexs from either plan but had to match which ever meal you were eating. If you had hexs between meals it was up to you.Syns were matched to the meal you ate unless between meals.It was like an early ee but lots of people found it confusing. I quite liked it at the time as it gave me more choice but you had to keep an eye on the extras.
Aha! So glad I found this thread. Just had slimming world chips, mushrooms and egg and wondered if I should have had bacon with it or not.
I'm not sure why you think you 'should' have had bacon?? Are you following extra easy? If so, you can have any combination of free food on your plate providing 1/3 is SUPER free! So if you'd had bacon too, you'd have needed more superfree to balance it out :) HTH


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In new books it says 1/3 SF on EE is not compulsory but is adviced for portion control so do not eat it for the sake of it!

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