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All set for my holidays (NOT)


Taking it Day by Day
So here I go, tomorrow morning at 5.20am me and my family will set out on our 10 day holiday to my dad in Germany. Why oh why do I go on holiday at the start of development , which even without distraction proofs quite a challenge on a daily basis, and my decision to have a meal a day thrown in for good measure…

This has been a decision I have made a long time ago, and I am still very much at ease about it, although all the recent posts about people going on holiday and eating have made me somewhat realise that I really, really, need to be disciplined what/when/ and how to eat. My plan is basically to do some sort of "mini-management", i.e. 3 shakes and one protein/salad meal a day. I know I will probably find it hard afterwards but on the other hand, I find it hard as it is at the moment so maybe taking it a little easier during the holidays might help me to refocus afterwards (or maybe this is just my wishful thinking…)

Mainly I would like to be able to share company and food with my dad, who is by himself now, and I know how much he values company and sharing experiences. There might be a bit adapted child thinking going on, but this is really important to me, as I am just soo far away from him but also to be honest I am just about ok feeling excluded socially whilst milling about at home but on holiday I don't want to be freaky and moody mummy..., but I will play it by ear. I will bring all my shakes with me so should I change my mind I can.

I already told my dad, that he needs to buy me loads of salad and fish and I won't be having any bread and the like. To which he very suspiciously enquired as to what sort of diet I was on (bread and Germany somehow go together, but I won't start talking about all the yummy varieties here :drool:…) I had a difficult time trying to distract him ("oh, just trying to eat healthy and avoid carbs a bit, anyway….") without giving away about LL, as I still want my new me to be a big surprise for him. Oh I am getting excited now! And I have even bought a white fitted linen shirt (size 16) :Dwhich looks really great, and is something I would have not worn before.

Most of the packing is done but I will have to set out to the supermarket later today to stock up on all the goodies my family will need to survive the journey. Oh, and the house is a complete mess, but let's not worry about that now…Door to door we will be travelling for about 10 hours, and what do we normally do whilst travelling, yep, eat! As I am in charge of the shopping, I will make it as healthy (and non trigger food for me) as possible, and will just sip the Mariegold which I will bring in my trusty flask.

I will try and keep you all up to date about my weight during holidays (will keep an eye on it on my dad's unreliable scales).

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Hope you have a fab holiday.....I love Germany, its a great place to live though I only got to live out there for 6 months. It sure put this country to shame....though we are slowly catching up on the recycling over here.

Hope you can do reasonably well dietwise....!
have a great time, it sounds like you have given a lot of thought to your decision and im sure you will be able to stick with it. It really does sound like you are in the right frame of mind to cope with eating while you are away.
sil x
I KNOW what you mean about German bread - it's delicious! People always seem to think of France when they think of good bread and think of black bread when they think of German bread but German bread is incredible - all those seeds, yum.

I have read it's hard to get back to the programme if you take a break but personally I think that a break can actually boost your metabolism a bit. I know this won't be a popular view but the National Obesity Forum actually back this up if you're still on a VLCD after 16 weeks - see below (right at the end) for corroboration.

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