All this water


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Its my first day on LT today and i'm making sure i'm having all my water.

The problem is the amount of times ive needed the loo today, must be 10 now, I cant keep going this many times while i'm at work, is just wont be possible.

Does this calm down at all??
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rainbow brite

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Yep :) It takes a week or so but soon your body gets used to all of the water and whilst you still need the loo more than you would have pre-LT, it definitely calms down compared to the first few days!


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you really will get used to it. i found the whole water thing really annoying - especially having to go to the loo all the time.. think about it this way... its WATER! its good for you, its cleaning out your system and its gonna give you great skin.... its worth all that peeing... hehe ... xx


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im loving water now... its like my new food!! hhahaha


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Hiya, if ya are like me and not used to taking water i found it extremley annoying more than anything else and was thankful i wasnt working but to be honest I am still running even on week 3 not as much as the first week but I sure hope it does settle down as well. All the best with your first day, I am sure ya are just doing great.


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During the first week your body sorts out the water retention levels, which is why we lose more in the first week as we shed at least 4-5lbs of water. It does calm down after a few weeks, but look on the brightside, each wee is a few ounces less weight!!

Go on, wee yourself thiner!!! Lol


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hahahah at the milktray man! i just imagined you doing a weightloss add with a cheesy grin "wee yourself thinner"
gosh i needed a laugh today
thank you xx