all weight loss from atkins????


going to do it!!!!
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hi there,

i was just wondering if everyone who is doing atkins has lost the majority of their weight whilst doing it or have peple used other diets first and then gone on to atkins??

dont know why im asking , just nosey i suppose;)

also, is it possible do you think to lose the most part of 3 stone in 6 months??

Jo xx
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I lost all of my weight on Atkins Jo. I suspect I lost 3 stone in my first 6 months, but I'd have to go and check that, but then remember, the more you have to lose on the quicker it is initially in my view.


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i have only lost a few pounds on atkins this time! probs my own fault!
i lost 3 stone on atkins in 2001 in about 6 months.


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Started Atkins on the 2nd Jan this year & all my 18.8lbs loss has come from Atkins! Woohoo!