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  1. jazzyy

    jazzyy Member

    Hey Slimfasters!!

    My friend has been taking them alli tablets. I do not intend to take them as I think there expensive. But I took one of hers to see how it worked. Took one with my evening meal.
    Then when I went to the toilet, what I can only describe as the oil you have on top of a pizza sat on the top of the toilet water.
    Flushed the chain and there was still shimmery oil glaze to the water.
    Amazing that it worked. I think she said it removes 25% of oil you eat.
    Anyway not my type of thing, gross!!

    But works!! Just wandered people opinions.;)
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    I tried orlistat perscribed by the doctor for about three weeks, didn't get any of the yukky side effects but didn't cheat and was only eating very low fat anyway! Although I did start getting really bad pains in my feet, then legs and hips! Also got strange red painful swellings in my feet and lumps on my legs, so stopped taking it and all the pain went and swellings went down! Alli has orlistat in it, so I think it should be taken with caution and on advice of a doctor really!
  4. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Alli is Orlistat, just a half dose to what is given out on prescription:rolleyes:

    You really shouldn't take your friends tablets though, as anyone going on it would have a consultation with the pharmacist first, before being allowed to buy it.

    Mel x
  5. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Ah I didn't know it was just half the dose, thought it had something else in it too? Still yes it should only be taken under medical advice, as everything can have nasty side effects!
  6. mondayclubber

    mondayclubber Full Member

    I was on Alli before slim fast. I got the oily stools when i ate something fatty. It didnt really work for me as a diet because it didnt motivate me. I actually ate more on it as I kind of relied on the tabs to take out the fat...i lost 2 lbs the first week, then nothing after that. I much prefer slim fast.if your on a low fat diet and you fit the criteria for alli then go for it, but personally I think thats its not worth the money.

    Linda xx
  7. cherrysabs

    cherrysabs Full Member

    I have read about it but wouldnt be tempted myself,I hate the thought of those nasty side effects yukkk
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