Allow me to introduce myself...


My name is Sarra and today was my first day on lighter life.

It has been tough and I am hungry but sooooo determined! Not overly fussed on the packs so far but did discover the recipe post earlier and made a muffin which was much better than the earlier shake. I have read that you shouldn't cook more than one a day but to be honest I don't think I'll stick it without cooking them as wretching was not part of my plan! I know it says that it breaks down the vitamins but surely it can't make a difference to the weight loss?!

I've got about 4 stone to lose, would like to do best part of that in foundation. I plan to start some exercise next week - not a daily thing but maybe a couple of classes a week.

How is everyone doing? Anyone else in the same boat as me? Anyone got any helpful advice?
Welcome Sarra!! My advice to you will be to stick to the plan 100% and drink loads and loads of water and you'll be at your goal i no time :)
welcome sarra

pull up a pew, take a deep breath, hold on tight and enjoy the ride (be sure to keep your eyes open!)

Hugs and much luck and positive vibes...

Welcome to LL

I started LL on the 19th July nad have lost 5 stone. Over 3 and half stone of that was in the 100 days. I really didnt mind the packs. I have set routine which is raspberry cold in the morning .Try it with ice cold water or with ice (bit like a starbucks ice frappe). I then have soup for lunch. My fav soup is Mushroom. I then have a bar at tea time or supper which varies between toffee or fruit but I fruit nicer. I then treat myself to hot milkshake for supper. This I either do as vanilla or caramel with coffee or chocolate as hot chocolate or made up with peppermint tea(tastes a bit like mint choc after eight if you stretch you imagination)

Stick with it the results are definatley worth it. I started LL on impulse in July even though I had heard about it before that. I never imagined that I would after such a short time be starting 2007 as a normal person instead of the obese (BMI of nearly 39) that I started 2006 as. First few days are rough but when you get into ketosis you do not feel the hunger. I was in ketosis the first week after less than 3 days. Stick with it the results are definatley worth it.
Welcome and good luck on your journey.

I've never cooked a pack (I'm on CD) but I know what you mean about the packs tasting odd at first. Many people - me included - find their taste buds adapt and soon the packs become much more palatable so try to stick with only cooking one pack a day if you can.

A lack of vitamins might not necessarily affect the weight loss as such but you won't be doing your skin / hair / body / organs any favours by depriving them of vital nutrients. After all, we don't just want to be slim but to have sparkly eyes, radiant skin and shiny hair too.

One idea is to divide your packs and dilute them a little bit more ... the little and often approach. Then as your taste buds change you might be able to tolerate them better.

I'm at the end of day one of a restart after a break for Christmas so I'm at the 'hungry & headachy' stage. Hang on in there and we'll all get through this together! :)
Thanks everyone. Nice to meet you Russian doll, I live just down the road in Fareham.

So what do we think about the cooking of the packs? The vitamin thing I'm not so worried about, whatever I do I'll be getting more vitamins than my old junk diet! What I don't want though is the weight loss being effected - I don't see how it will be but then science is a wonderful thing
Hi Sarra

Welcome. There are other things you can do to make the packs more pallatable other than coooking them - here are a few suggestions:-

* Buy a magic bullett/ Hinari geni Hinari Genie The Hinari genie is a multi purpose kitchen appliance that will do everything you need in one machine. This will save you having to buy loads of other gadgets that only do one thing each. Think of the cupboard space you'll save!Contains: which mixes the packs beautifully. Alternatively a hand held stick blender will do the job just as well - and you can pick them up for about a fiver from a supermarket.

* Make a cappuccino - use either a full pack or half a pack with hot water and a good teaspoon of coffee, that disguises the taste quite nicely.

* To make a chocolate mousse (or any flavour really) put a tiny drop of cold water in a bowl and add a pack - mix with a metal spoon to get the consistency of cake mix or with the blender for it to taste like angel delight. You can always add a drop more water if it is too thick.

* To make icecream supplement the drop of water with about half a dozen ice cubes (but you will need the blender for that). Coffee/vanilla ice cream is particularly delicious.

None of these recipies involve cooking the food. I don't like the milkshake at all but still manage to get two down each day using the above methods.

As others have said, they do get more pallatable. Try different flavours - or mix half a pack of one with half a pack of another - for example, chicken and mushroom soup or chocolate and vanilla - all gives slightly different tastes.

I think that you should heed the warnings of not cooking more than one pack a day - this is a chemically mixed diet, I don't think it is wise to mess with the chemical balance.

Hope this helps - good luck with your journey.
Nice to meet you sarra!

I think the advice you'd get from counsellors is that you need the vitamins ... especially important when we're losing weight on so few calories.

It's early days yet: you may find your taste changes and adapts to the food packs.

We've got a South Coast meeting arranged for January 27th over at Gunwharf if you're interested - a whole bunch from the forum. :)
Think about it .... should be a laugh!
Hiya Sarra :D

You've had some great advice already, just to add to this, when you do have a 'cooked' foodpack - have some extra water as obv you're not getting the water you would be if you were to have the pack as a shake :p

Here's to a successful day 2 for you - if you find you have a headache take a couple of paracetamol....

Keep going, you'll get a nice suprise when you get on the scales at your pop in, and if you are in ketosis you'll be able to have the bars and water flavourings :D
Welcome Sarra
Can't add much to what everyone else has said - other than read through some of the inspirational blogs (one of the best has to be our own Mike's - "Icemoose" .... MyCambridgeLife) and look at the photo gallery.
Also start a diary thread - even if only you post on it (although you'll find other people chip in encouragement) it is great to look back on days when you are not doing so well - to see how you felt at the beginning and why you want to do the diet. And obviously come on here and read and contribute to posts. You'll get encouragement, motivation, kick up the a***, help, laughter, tears etc from the wonderful people who come on here.

Good luck!!
Hi Sarra, I'm on day 91 of my foundation and I have lost about 4 stone so far. (I haven't had a WI in 3 weeks as my counsellor was away over Christmas, but it was 3 stone 5lbs before she left). It really has just fallen off and has been SO MUCH easier than I ever could have imagined. Just stick to it 100% and you'll soon get used to it. Once you get through the initial hunger and then get past the "head hunger" it is so much easier. I've just managed to do it right through the holiday season and my birthday and honestly, I have a history of v. extreme yo yo dieting, binge eating and full on bulimia - if I can do it I honestly believe that anyone can!

The 100 days goes really quickly - I remember when I started thinking it was SO long but now I'm going to stay on it for at least another 100 to lose an extra 3-4 stone and then I'll stay on for approx another 100 to do the maintenance.

Best of luck and enjoy it - just picture yourself slim and wait for the compliments to come rolling in! :)
well done for starting!

I'm nearly at the end of foundation having lost around 3 stone, which is great! Feeling so much better for it!

The time really does pass quickly and after the first few days it really does get easier. I actually think the food pack are designed for us whilst in ketosis, your taste does change in ketosis and the packs do seem to taste better then, so hopefully by the end of the week you will like them a little better. Sure they're never what you would choose to eat but they're ok.

Try to stick with the cooking once a day for all the reasons previously stated and also, you will become tired if you don't have all your nutrients. I don't like the muffins, but I love making crisps!

To make a nicer mousse you can add cambridge diet 'mix-a-mousse' to a shake mix, it turns out nice, but you have to mix the pack with the mousse mix dry first then add it to your water and whizz with your blender for at least a minute. Lighterlife obviously won't recommend this but I have found it helpful for me and it doesn't effect the losses. You can only use it once a day though. I bought mine off e-bay.

Grit your teeth and be determined, make it through the first few days and you CAN do anything!

Here's to a fantastic 2007!

Just a quick note to echo what everyone else has said. We've all been where you are Sarra, so trust us when we say 'stick with it' because you'll soon see the benefits. My 100 days finished in December but I'm continuing because I've got more to lose - 5 stone to date. Good luck!
Just because this is weird... Amanda your goal weight is exactly the weight I hope to be when I plan on finishing development (Feb 6th).
Thank you everyone, day 2 is ok so far, headache has left me for now. I have an obsession with scales - leapt on them this morning - 5 lbs off. I have my pop in tonight which is a bit of a bummer as I'll be lucky to show a loss as my first weigh in was before xmas as the groups don't start til next week and I wanted to get cracking earlier - still I know it was 5 lbs!

Everyone has done so well, congratulations to you all, I hope to join you soon!
How chuffed am I? Just been to the pop-in, I was weighed before Christmas which was probably not my best move in the world - well I've lost 2lbs from that weight - so all my Christmas weight off and some - after 2 days - sooooo chuffed, soooo motivated - and I'm in ketosis - woo hoo
Congratulations! It's such an incentive to stick with it, isnt it? And, even better, the best is yet to come!!! You'll be as thrilled with your results as we all are with ours before you know it!
The drop ins the first couple of weeks are a huge help to get started!

Congratulations, and keep it up!