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Allyson's Dukan Diary

Day 1 today :D

so far

Breakfast:- Oatbran Gallette
Lunch:- Piece of Salmon (squeeze of lemon) & piece of steak (both grilled)
Evening meal (will be):- Piece of steak rubbed with garlic and large chicken fillet with quark and garlic inside the chicken

Snacks of natural fat free yogurt and flavoured mullerlights (fat free) and diet fizzy pop (under 1 cal a glass)

Got on the wii scales and i was 16 stone 8lbs this morning :mad: and im 5ft 6in.

I was surprised how the oatbran gallette tasted, it wasnt horrible just a bit plain, but it did fill me up, i think it would be nice with some low fat ham on it.

Im wanting to follow the attack stage for 7 days because of how much i need to lose.

Hope to speak to other dukaners on here also to help each other on this journey :D
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Hi, sounds like you've got the right idea with lots of protein and the oatbran, just make sure you don't overindulge on yoghurt! We can have a SF jelly (up to 3 a day) which can help with a sweet craving too. Oh, try having the gallette with some cinnamon or ginger. My DH has 1tbsp SF maple syrup on his every morning, which makes him feel like he's having a luxury breakfast and he's lost two stones!
Well the evening meal was a big fat failure, i had just a big chicken fillet with some virtually fat free quark and about 3/4 cloves of crushed up garlic in it, but it tasted horrible, i dont think i mashed up the garlic cloves enough and it just left a bitter taste, i think next time i would use garlic powder (i think i can use that ?????).

Other than that day 1 has been a good one, a bowl of chippy chips was just randomly left in the kitchen this evening, grrrr, but i didnt have one, like the dr says having one slip up is like popping a balloon.

ive still got about 1 more litre of water to drink before bed aswell.

and i discovered activia fat free strawberry yogurts are much nicer than mullerlight strawberry yogurts
i also may have a pack of bernard matthews turkey ham shortly as i only had about 1/4 of my chicken for tea, its got like 3% fat in it, which i believe is alright because its below 5%.

if anyone see's anything i'm doing wrong, please do let me know.

thanks everyone x
Hiya, I think the ham will more than likely contain non Dukan friendly stuff.... Check the ingredients as they can contain sugars, salts, starchs will are not allowed.

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ok day 1 over and done with on Attack, food menu was as follows:-

Breakfast:- Oat Bran gallette

Lunch:- piece of salmon grilled with lemon squeezed on it PLUS a steak rubbed with a garlic clove

Tea:- Large Chicken fillet with 2 large spoons of virtually fat free quark and 3 mashed up garlic cloves (didnt like this though and only ate 1/4 of it)

2 litres of water throughout the day
1 pot of fat free activia strawberry yogurt

Tomorrows menu is as follows

Breakfast:- 2 eggs dry fried with 2 slices of low fat ham warmed up with a pot of fat free natural or vanilla yogurt mixed in with 1 and half tablespoons of oatbran (although i may have that yogurt and oatbran during worktime as thats my danger point)

Lunch:- Steak grilled with a mullerlight fat free yogurt

Evening meal:- chicken cooked in a fat free natural yogurt with some spices, possibly mild curry power (going to have a sniff of all of my new spices to see what takes my fancy).

Tomorrow evening is going to be a bit of a challenge, i work 5pm till 5am, this is my shift every fri sat sun and monday.

i get a 20 minute break in the middle of this shift, so going to take my chicken with me.

good point about being in work is that on a normal shift i'll drink about 6 pints of SODA water (because its so hot and i'm rushing around), this is the water that you get behind a bar on draught.

i BELIEVE it'll be ok to drink as i think its just water with gas in it to give it bubbles.

if anyone thinks or knows different PLEASE tell me and i'll just take a 2 litre bottle of water with me.



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What a shame you didn't like your chicken last night. I make a similar dish quite often, and cube the chicken, leaving it overnight in the garlic/quark marinade, and then dry fry it. I love it!

I personally wouldn't drink 6 pints of carbonated water (and is there salt in it?). I'd take bottled water if I were you... for your night shift, perhaps a boiled egg with your chicken? You could make yourself some Dukan quiche, or a frittata.... or save your oatbran for that time, having muffins/galette or something.

No errors as such in your menu but you're on attack so try to stick to the recommended toffee or vanilla Mullers.

Garlic powder is fine.

Good luck!
My DH has soda water ALL the time at work and has lost two stones on Dukan so I definitely can't moan at him for doing so. It's caffeine free which is good and is better than diet coke (my vice). I'd say anything that keeps you going on a long day at work and is Dukan-friendly is fine.
thanks for the advice dukaners, im gonna take in my home water just incase, its just the water i have in work is ice cold and where i work its REALLY hot and my water will warm up quickly whereas the soda water is ice cold.

Today i got on the scales and it says i've lost 5lb, ive gone from 16 stone 8lbs to 16 stone 3lbs, initially it said 16 stone 2lbs but i got off and did it again and it was 16 stone 3lbs, cant bloody believe it.

todays food so far has been

breakfast:- mullerlight strawberry yogurt with my daily allowance of oatbran mixed in

lunch:- 2 dry fried eggs (with yolk) with 6 thin slices of low fat (below 3%) ham with a glass of diet iron bru

evening meal:- (currently cooking), 1 large chicken fillet with a good 3 tablespoon scoops of fat free natural yogurt with the spices of mild curry power, turmeric power, garam masala power and mild chilli power (slowly cooking now in the oven all mixed up)

ive got work 5pm till 5am tonight with a 20 minute break, i ALWAYS usually have a big fat super macdonalds in my break (the shame), but not tonight or any other night, i'll sit there with my chicken curry instead and enjoy it and save myself some money aswell.

hope everyone else is having a good day


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I think you're only the vanilla and toffee ones as we're not allowed any fruit in the attack phase. I myself just stick to 0% fat greek yoghurt as that's my vice :)


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My understanding is that the fruit yogurts are not allowed in attack and are "tolerated" in cruise - but not recommended (limited to 2 a day, omit if stalling). I've also heard the Activia yogurts have way too much sugar. 0% Greek yogurt that you then flavour yourself with sweetener and vanilla or other essences are the preferred yogurt choice.
thanks for that about the yogurts, i do like natural greek yogurt (fat free) just as much as strawberry mullerlights, but i'll stick to the natural greek yogurt.

well first night in work on plan and it went well, only got offered sweets 3 times and offered half a burger and chips off someone else from macdonalds, but i quickly refused.

i had chicken curry (home made obviously) and it was a raging success, loved it, i may of put a bit too much mild chilli powder in it but it definately left that spicy kick on my tounge which is always good.

just home from work now at 3am so off to bed then going to get up around 10am and weigh myself first thing.

hope everyone elses days going well.

i have to say i havent felt hungry at all, im not sure if its the oatbran doing something in my tummy thats making me feel full, but whatever it is its working
Day 2 and 2 more lb OFF :D

Plans for food today:-

Breakfast:- oatbran gallette with 4 slices of low fat ham and 2 dry fried eggs

Lunch:- Piece of salmon grilled with lemon squeezed on it

Evening meal:- 2 pieces of steak seasoned with a little salt and pepper

going to take 2 litres of cold water to work also and see if i can get through all of that plus an extra 1 litre while im at home.
just thinking if i can push it and drink tons of water in the next 24 hours (aswell as the food obviously) maybe just maybe i may get to be 15 stone something instead of the horrible 16 stone something.

i know its just water im losing, but i have a very bloated water retentioned face (that doesn't make much sense does it), but as soon as i lose weight it does come striaght off my face first which is good, just gotta sort out the rest of me haha
9 lb in 3 days :scale: on ATTACK yay

i must of drank 3 maybe 4 litres of water yesterday aswell which i think helped.

the prawn dish i had for my evening meal was a raging success aswell.

yesterdays menu ending up being:-

breakfast:- 6 thin slices of low fat ham with 3 dry fried eggs

lunch:- piece of salmon grilled with 1 lemon squeezed on it followed by fat free natural yogurt plain with 1 and half tablespoons of oatbran.

evening meal:- prawn dry fried with half a lemon squeezed on it and 2 big tablespoons of quark

well chuffed with my weight loss so far.

i have a family meal out on tuesday at an indian restaurant, ive been there and got a menu to have a look and they have a big t bone steak, and a big plain butterfly prawn for starters so thats me sorted, i just need to speak to them before hand to say dont put any oil on them both.

meal plan for today is:-

breakfast:- 2 dry fried eggs and 5 slices of thin low fat ham

lunch:- natural fat free yogurt with 1 and half tablespoons of oatbran and a piece of steak grilled

evening :- something with a big chicken fillet but havent quiet decided yet

yay me :D:happy036:
Wow, you are going great guns! You must be so chuffed!!
Well done on sticking to it. I know it's not easy at first. You must feel dead proud.

Woopee for you....


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Hi, just popped in to say Hi and have had a good read of your Diary, got a few tips, haven't tried mixing the oat bran into my yog only had the Gallette, so will try that, you did so well on your first day, will keep in touch as we seem to be at the same phase, and a similar weight to lose!
Keep it up on wards and downwards as I like to say!!!!!!!!!!:):)

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