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almost blew it

I've dreamt several times that I've done this - in the dream I do it, then remember I wasn't supposed to, and always fele gutted. Worst one was when I dreamt I did it, then "woke up" in the dream, thought "great it was just a dream" then went and did it again =P

I think I was always afraid I'd do it while preparing food (for the rats) so I can understand how it can actually happen.
good job you have such an observant daughter - i did this with some cheerios the other day, spat them out straight away when i realised what i was doing, but it shocked me to think i'd done it so automatically
daisy x


Do a little dance!
It is so easy done - and well done your daughter!

Making some dinner the other night I automatically went to taste it before throwing the spoon down! Scary!
Very easy, especially in the early weeks, but also at times recently I've almost gone to pop something in my mouth!

I've also dreamt it like Andy - and woke feeling so guilty that I think that has stopped me from ever lapsing as I don't want to feel like that in real life!


...we're sinking deeper.
Making some dinner the other night I automatically went to taste it before throwing the spoon down! Scary!
Lol that happens to me so often when I'm making my boyfriend food, I go to lick the spoon then go EEEK! and throw it in the sink... Strange to catch yourself have these automatic responses to be honest, but it's a step towards breaking old habits... Same with picking at finger food! It's so easy and mindless!
Well done all of you for knowing and consciously stopping yourselves! :)
I did that too, also with grapes. Just popped one in my mouth, and then was lik "Ach! There's something in my mouth" and I just spat it out like a cannon ball!! :giggle:

Laughing still at Snannapuss' friend knocking her bar out of her hand!!! :giggle:
Me too

Being a cook - having been trained to try everything as you go along it is very hard to make food for other people without tasting and then realise it doesn't taste horrible and nobody has died - yet!!!!;)
I dreamt that that I was eating a bag wotsits without thinking - afterwards I was devastated and had to have a week off work with depression, in my dream of course.....I woke up so relieved! How stupid.

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