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Almost jumped ship...


My husband = My hero
Good Mornign everyone!!

i am asjamed to say that last night, i decided "stuff it im going to have something to eat" i was so so so sooooo close to opening the fridge you wouldnt believe, then i remembered the thread about

If you say out loud you can do this diet, you dont have the niggles to eat


instead i stormed back out the kitchen put my Davina work out on and killed myself doing the hardest work out and hardest Ab work out on the DVD!!!

So.... a MASSIVE THANKYOU to whoever posted that wonderful adcive,

because you just helped me reach my goal of not being the fattest one, at my 21st birthdya next month!!

Thankyou and goodnight ha

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My husband = My hero
It was jackie2029, and the thread is called THOUGH PROVOKING

i reccomend u all have a look! its fab!
good for you girl you didnt cave... i was a bit like that last night.. dp eating all round him... i even looked at my daughters plastic fried egg and was like mmmmm i could have a bite of that!! it passess fairly quickly though once you tell yourself doesnt it!!! Good luck for your goal... xxx


My husband = My hero
Lol, eat the fried egg its no carbs!!!

didnt help that everythin on telly seemed to be about food!!

same to u hun, looks like weve got about the same amout of weight to loose, only thats my first goal hehe so let me know how you are getting on!xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well done Lauren, you did really well xx


My husband = My hero
Well done hun, u did fab. Usually i cave in :(


I was so close haha i kept pickin stuff an puttin it back down lol

Mrs Bee, i didnt really dowell lol, i just punished myself with excercise lol that should keep me from the frige having to t#do that ab workout again! i had to near enough roll out of bed this morning haha xx


Silver Member
Well done hun! Now you can look back on that time, and if it happens again say well i did it once I can do it again! xxx


My husband = My hero
Thats exactly what im going to do! this diet seems to get easier i think, its just more boredom than anything! xx

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Well done for sticking to it! I'm constantly fighting with myself over eating at the moment and only on day 3 of restart! I know from experiance that after day 6/7 I will feel so much better and only have the occasional fights over food. You really do feel quite serene and in control and even able to handle food without having your jaws wired, lol. Again a very big well done you dont want to spoil it now, I'm sure this cold weather isnt helping. XX


I will be skinny again!!!
I was exactly the same last night... I got home from work and there was loads of bacon all cooked and ready to eat sitting on the work top...
And i was just like stuff this stupid diet i dont want to do it any more.. And then i was like no hang on ill phone some one..
So i phoned the Bf and was told to go away he was busy, i asked what he was doing and he said playing a pc game, which annoyed me further!!

So i went back to the kitchen and was like bugger it im eating it...

stared at it for 10 minutes and finally realised i didnt need his support, i was doing it by myself and I was doing it for my self and it would be worth it in the end... :D

It was hard though


I will be skinny again!!!
It was sooo hard!! and it was smoked bacon, and there was cheese in the fridge and i knew i could of had toast cheese bacon and mayonaise..

But im so glad today that I didnt give in!!


Here we go again!
Well done on that last night.

You must be chuffed to know you can do it by yourself with no support! I know it was probably a one off but at least you now know you can do it again if the problem (bacon) should arise again. Well done.
well done lauren for not caving in, i also love that thread from jackie, she is a great inspiration
Well done. That is so inspiring! Keep going!
well done you done good
Wow, that is fantastic resolve from both of you. Don't play down this great achievement, be proud of yourselves.


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