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Almost Pee'd my pants at attempt to make CD Muffin!!!

I have spent the last hour or so looking at posts from people who have mad the muffins from the CD packs... so decided it was time to try (please keep in mind i am a qualified chef, so making stuff out of a packet is alien to me anyway)... but hey, how hard can it be????

So i empty the contents of a pack into a mixing bowl, then had the wonderful idea to use my super-duper hand blender to create a perfectly smooth cake like mix....

i add a few table spoons of cold water, and press go on the blender... the mixture formed a near solid lump and disappeared .... where has it gone one thinks to ones self... i lift the blender up, and there it is, hiding between the blades of the blender.... S**t :mad:

after 5mins of scrapping the mixture from the blade i decided to add a little more water... (may i add, the mixture is in a ball the size of a dwarf kwi fruit :confused:)... I am thinkin to myself, this doesnt look like much to eat :rolleyes:

eventually i find a bowl that is small and microwave suitable... in goes the tiny bit of muffin mixture .... into the microwave and i wait in anticipation at my CD creation... face pressed against the microwave door.... the mixture explodes, i nearly S**t myself, fell backwards and banged my head off the wall...:cry:

i remove my "not so muffin looking" substance from the microwave... screw my face up while rubbing my head that was still sore! ... the muffin turned into a lumpy mess... but maybe it tastes better than it looks?? :confused: .... it did not!!!

just after the minor tasting session, it dawned on me, i had just used the bowl that i pour acetone into to soak my acrylic nails off.... OMG.... i then fell about laughing, in my kitchen, by myself... like a mad woman!

So just had my regular chocolate shake... much easier and more delicious lol.... :D:bliss::party0019::beam:
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LOL! That made me laugh.
Have you checked the carb and calorie content of acetone, will it knock you out of ketosis!!!:sign0151::crazy::flowers:

I've got the vision though!
sorry but that was funny

wish i'd not had my chocolate shake now, and made a muffin


This will be my year
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:giggle:I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh, and I really do hope your head is OK.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with the muffin recipe... mine was more like a squash ball and about as appetising :(


Must do it this time
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:rotflmao: :rotflmao:
omg needtofeelnormal,i really nearly pi$$ed myself there, very funny indeed
Now thats made my day!!!!!

How funny, I, well, DH actually makes a fab muffin, following the instructions on icemooses blog worked for me.

Good job you are still here to tell the tale x


please try again
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is it bad ive got tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard?

hope ur bonce is ok and i agree, stick to shakes next time :D
lol.... im pleased i have entertained you all :) :) :) .... if a fly had of been on my wall it would have had the best show of its life pmsl...

i am feeling fit and healthy now tho thanks... but still cant stop laughing at the comedy of such a simple task... or so one would think! I wont tell Gordon Ramsay about it when i speak to him next or my chef reputation will go down the pan lol x


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
definatly not in case you find it being recounted on one of his tv shows, lol
the F muffin
lol .... the "F Muffin".... lol lol lol lol x


Laugh in the face of food
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Oh god, I've just read your post and I'm still laughing!!!! I hope your head is okay!!! I feel better that you - a trained chef - can't make muffins either. I tried and ended having to scrape the exploded mess from the inside of the microwave, didn't use the secret ingredient of acetone tho' lmao xxx


Wants to shed pounds more
hahaha - just makes you wonder exactly WHAT elements you were using from the periodic table. I didnt read 'nitros' on the packet :)))


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Now that has put a smile on my face.. brilliant :)

P.S. I can't make muffins either :( although i do make great crisps now and have them every day :)

Sarah x
LOL! Great post.
And as a few people have said I can't master the muffin either. In fact the one I made almost put me off the whole diet so i'm sticking to the shakes at least I know I like them.

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