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Almost syn free potato salad

Discussion in 'SW Sizzling Summer Recipes' started by Skulldilocks, 28 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. Skulldilocks

    Skulldilocks Gold Member

    Kind of improvised my own potato salad to take to a bbq. And thank god I did as there were so many nuaghty things floating around!

    Here is how I made it:
    1lb new potatoes, boiled with the skins on
    1 tub of fat free natural yoghurt
    1 tbsp low fat salad cream (1 syn but makes a massive bowl so negligable)
    1 bunch of spring onions chopped
    Salt and pepper
    Garlic granules and mustard seeds (add depending on taste)

    The leftover yoghurt at the bottom also makes for an amazing dip for crudites :)
    A lot of people said it was better than the packaged stuff on the table!
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  3. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    Looks good , thanks for that will give it a go xx:)
  4. RoseGold

    RoseGold Full Member

    Just added to my shopping list! I'm going to take is to work with some ham and boiled egg for my lunch. :)
  5. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Sounds good must have a try of this one
  6. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

    MMMMM this sounds lush!
  7. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    This looks lovely, I think I will make it tomorrow with a little bit of side salad :)
  8. Montse

    Montse Member

    I will definately be trying this! :)
  9. Evolet

    Evolet Full Member

    Great recipe; it sounds delicious.
    I'm going to give it a try over the weekend.

    Thanks for sharing! :)
  10. nettybungles

    nettybungles Full Member

  11. simonika

    simonika Full Member

    This sounds yummy,will give this a try!thank you for sharing.x
  12. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Full Member

    Sounds yummy.
  13. Joannelouise81

    Joannelouise81 Silver Member

  14. caaatrinr

    caaatrinr Member

    Was looking for a potato salad recipie! Thanks xxx
  15. JulesyR

    JulesyR Full Member

    Making this as I type ☺️ - thank you this may well be a life saver for my bank holiday away!

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  16. missmatilda

    missmatilda Full Member

    Yummy! Will be making this soon!
  17. lyricallie

    lyricallie Full Member

    Sounds tasty! I can't wait for BBQ season!

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