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Alone in the house with butter croissants!!!


has started again!!
Daughter gone to friends house for the day, son and DH gone paintballing....

My tum is rumbling something rotten and all I can think of is the 2 Tesco Finest French butter croissants that are left in the bread bin......

They are soooo tempting, and yet it was only last night I was crying because I cant get into the jeans I was wearing just before Xmas.

Why cant my mind focus on the job in hand and stop messing me about? I am so rubbish at this.:cry:
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Just stay focused - think about the end goal and getting into them jeans without tears :) If that doesn't work go get rid of them put them in the bin or somewhere where you can't eat them.

good luck :)


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Stay focussed & stay on here all day!!!
Good luck lol
Aww hun, one of my biggest weaknesses!! I think you are going to have to leave the house!! Hang in there, you can have some soon, just not yet xxx


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Sarah, move away from the bread bin. They're horrible lumps of lard that in the long run will only cause you regret and misery.


Finally a size 12!
I know its a waste sez but i usually throw stuff in bin if its too tempting then empty ashtray on top (as if there in wrapper in bin who knows how desperate we can get) xxx


has started again!!
Sarah, move away from the bread bin. They're horrible lumps of lard that in the long run will only cause you regret and misery.
What a great visualisation! I will try to see food for what it is made of, rather than something delicious I cant have! Thanks for this idea!


has started again!!
They are still there!! I have already had 2litres water, and am on a soup for an early lunch!!

I plan to potter in the garden next and wash my filthy car too!!!

Lets see if I can do this, after all, food will always be there in all sorts of different forms and I must learn to be a grown up!!!
Firstly, croissants aren't as yummy as you think. It's just bread and butter, poshed up a bit:p

Secondly look at the info on the back of the pack. Fat - really high - think of that lard on your thighs. Carbs - Really Really high - remember how horrible getting into ketosis is.

Drink more water, have an extra pack if you really feel desperate, but don't eat the croissants!


has started again!!
So far so good!! (This has now become a one day challenge for me!!)

Potted up my new fuschias (my fave garden plants), come in for yet another wee, glass of water, quick coffee then out for that bloomin' car wash!!

Be back later!!


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A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, keep away from them!


has started again!!
YAY!! DH and Son home again, so slightly less opportunity to stuff them down my neck!!!!

So far, potted plants, drank about 3 litres water,washed car, umpteen trips upstairs to the loo (wish I had a downstairs one!), one pack, coffee, coke zero, jelly (legal!) but NO CROISSANTS!!!

They'll be stale before long anyway!!! Hee hee!

Thanks for support guys!


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yay, well done you, thats fab!
Well done!!!!
I have had curry craving all day ( we usually have one on a sat night) but I just keep trying to remember how upset I will be if I eat it, plus I am only on day 3 so the last 3 days of misery would of just been pointless!!!!

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