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Alpen Light Bar - CARNAGE


If you've read my previous posts you will see I'm off work I'll with a throat infection well.. This morning I had 4x Alpen Light bars for my 2x HEXb's but..

I've just eaten 6 more, yes 2 whole boxes of Alpen Light bars today! :eek: Now I'm looking for damage limitation here, today is the first day of my SW week so I have a clean syn sheet as it were and have worked out that they come in at 18 syns.

I guess I just have to be extra good for the rest of the week. Grr I hate being ill, boredom and genrally feeling crap does mess up your good intentions. On the bright side it could have been choc and not Alpen Lights I suppose! xx
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But 18 Syns isn't that much over our maximum daily 15, why would you feel as though you have to be extra good?

Could you just have a Flexi Syn day and get back to it once you're feeling better?
I suppose it's because I normally only have around 10 a day if that but you're right it's not bad. More mental than anything for me because I feel like I have started my week off badly. That coupled with no exercise I feel very slob like.


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wouldn't dwell on it sweetheart x its only 3 syns over your daily syn allowance so I wouldn't worry too much x
I read that & thought more of the extra fibre rather than syns!!

SW give 10-15 syns as a daily guide when in reality in some cases, people with a higher weight could in fact have more (according to my C anyway!)

I really wouldn't stress over 3 extra syns :)
I agree with the above. Don't cut back for the rest of the week, theres no need. Hope you feel better soon. When you aren't well you just have to eat what you can stomach xxx

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