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Alpen lights -new double choc

Our c brought in the new Hi Fi bars, the chocolate bliss, on Monday. OMG how good are they. Wish I had bought 2 boxes now. Thats my treat for Saturday. Anyone else tried them in group?
Oooo, I love the sound of these new Alpen lights!! :D:D Are they a bit like the fibre plus bars in taste? xx

No, they aren't as chocolatey as the Fibre Plus bars (which are ny favourites), but they are nice and not too sweet in a sickly sort of way. It's nice to have a variety.


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My C brought in the new HiFis, I was deeply disappointed. :( Thought they tasted bland and branny... :(

Will pick up some of the new alpens though!
Isnt it funny how we are all so different? Most of us raved about them in class! I am talking about the chocolate bliss dont know if there are any other new ones. If we all had the same taste it would be a boring world wouldnt it?
where did you get the new alpen lights from? Ive had a look in tesco and cant find them. would really like to try them xxx
I actually really like all the alpen light flavours, havent tried the new ones yet but I really like the fruity ones, possibly more even than the chocolatey ones and for me, the original chocoholic, thats saying something. I could eat the apple and sultana ones all day, they are so nice and appley and cinnamony!

Will give the double choc a go if I see them.
waitrose have 4 flavours. They are all yummy. I do like the Hifi bars but they are more expensive for less in the box. The alpine lights have 5 in so it would be worth buying 2 boxes if using 2 as a heb

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