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Alternating between Simple Start and propoints- advice?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by fergyxx, 26 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. fergyxx

    fergyxx Member


    I asked my leader this week if we were allowed to alternate between filling & healthy & counting. Her answer was yes, as long as long as it's not on the same day- for example count points one day, then do simple start the next.

    I use the app to track my food & daily/weekly points.

    Anyway, today i started off doing filling & healthy. As the day progressed, I ended up using some of my weekly points for small things- a small bit of cheese at lunch/then I was invited to my dads for dinner. For dinner, I then had roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potato croquettes broccoli & gravy, so it did include a few other things that aren't on the simple start list.

    I have input everything on my tracker, and am still within my weekly points allowance.

    My question is this- if I change my counting mode between the two plans, on filling & healthy, I have used 12 of my weekly points, but if I change the tracking method to counting, I have used my points allowance for the day, and only 2 of my weekly points.

    So although I started off the day on filling & healthy, and went slightly off track, if I count my points instead, my weekly points stretch a bit further.

    Just wondered if this is allowed? To me, it seems to still fit in with the plan- does this seem right? Or should I just stick with the filling & healthy & have less points left over for the week?
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  3. Gemleybear

    Gemleybear New Member

    i though my leader said you could do different weeks but didn't say that you could change day by day- I could be wrong but that is how I understood it!

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