Alton Towers!


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Evening all,
I am having a low day today as Aunty Flow is STILL here and I cannot control my sweet cravings!

It’s about this time of night when a muller yogurt, sw pancake, and a skinny cow ice cream just isn’t enough.....

Anyway, back to the thread. I have just booked my sister's surprise 30th birthday weekend at Alton Towers (we are big kids!). I figure that when I was 13 stone, I could just about squeeze into the seats on the rides. Now I am 19 stone, I have got a lot of weight to lose before my butt will fit in those seats (not to mention squishing my boobs into the harness too!)

I am anxious as well as excited and I have not been for years!! Last year, I said I would lose weight to go on holiday but I tried, and failed...again.

This year, I really really have to lose the weight because otherwise.....(I dread the embarrassment!)

Anyway, just realised I was babbling on for ages but now I feel better!! Thankxxxx
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When is your sisters birthday? It's years since I've been to Alton Towers (oh 'eck, just worked it out. 26 years!!!) but if I remember the size of some of the guys wandering around - you'll be fine xxx