Always cold?


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I've been really freezing recently - thought it was maybe the cold spell but now you've got me thinking!


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I've been much much colder since losing weight! My hands are always cold! OH hates it lol


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the last week ive been really cold hands are freezing and ive also been constantly hungry but im not the only one lots of people have been telling me its really cold at the moment


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maybe thats why i lost 3lbs last week lol i was freezing all week im off to turn the heating off now lol 2 and a half pounds needed for 3 stone award :D


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I was always quite a cold person anyway, but since losing 2 1/2 stone am even colder. Not so good when i work outside with horses in the freezing cold. I have just got in from teaching for 3 hrs and have my feet on a hot water bottle to warm up.
Hubby having lost 6stone is REALLY noticing the cold. He used to want the fan and window open overnight and now he asked for PJs for xmas and a hot water bottle, wears thermals under his clothes and is always sneaking the heating on again, he is deffinatly feeling the cold after losing weight.


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It could be that you aren't eating enough - sometimes when I've not eaten much I just feel cold through to my bones and just can't get warm. Feeling cold can also be a symptom of iron deficiency.


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Funny cos I have been absolutely freezing today. I even went to bed fully clothed for an hour and my feet were still freezing.


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I always feel freezy when I'm proper hungry, and as I eat I can feel my body warming up (like the old ready-brek glow). Only REALLY hungry though.

Have you been eating enough??


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Its my day off today and I have been absolutely freezing my arse off at home. Even under a duvet with 2 jumpers on and the heating on i was too cold to concentrate on my work! I was so glum about it that when my bf called me at lunchtime I started crying! Haha. It was good though cos he came home at half 3 to look after me!


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Me too .... When I am loosing weight and a couple of stone lighter .. I always feel the cold and am quite pale ... I think its because Ive lost some of the padding!!! But a lovely hot bath each night after dinner gets me warm again x