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Always hungry

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Is anyone else out there always hungry? and I mean I can eat my evening meal and easily do it again and still probably want more. I never feel full or satisfied. I know it's in my head and I eat to comfort myself but I'm sick and tired of always thinking about food. At least when I'm on this lovely site talking about food I'm not eating said food and at least other times I'm eating good food and not junk.

I was attending SW meetings and I lost a chunk of weight but still always hungry, I was then told to eat until I'm full... not good - It all went back on in a month. I have to stop myself as my body doesn't send the correct signals. I struggle with syns too I find it easier to have non than to start eating a treat as one is never one. I try to trick my self by adding a salad dressing or something into my meals rather than a stand alone syn.
I have started exercising and boy does that make me hungry.... grrrr! :(
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Hi Emowyn

Me again :). I totally agree, I am always hungry! I could eat a whole evening meal and an hour later want to eat it again. I am pretty sure my hungry button is broken. I read that eating white starch stuff like white rice can leave us feeling hungry. Google it, it's interesting but quite detailed. It can be thirst, and drinking coffee afterwards can make us feel hungry too

I now try to exercise before lunch so that I can eat soon after, and have extra salady stuff to chew on.

I also sometimes make my evening meal normal portion, then stick a third/ fifth or whatever in the fridge. Eat my meal... And then an hour or two later, if I am hungry eat the rest! That way I can have 'more' food without having more iyawim? No idea if that is the right thing to do but works for me.

Hope others can offer thoughts too xx


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sounds like you're not doing the plan at all as its meant to be done.

why did you stop going to meetings?

eat as much as you want of superfree and free then syns as and when you want them, some people get on better with red and green days, some people feel fuller on pasta and pots and some on meat.

I think the key is to get back to doing the plan as its meant to be done, have a 'first week' again and finding what works best for you,

do you have your food diarys from when you first started and was losing weight? how about starting a food diary thread on here so people can help, it may be something simple.

good luck xx


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Hi hun, it sounds like you have a few things going on at the moment. I noticed from your other thread that you said you were having issues with depression. Do you feel you maybe comfort eat as a way of dealing with that? I know previously i have dealt with stessful times in my life by eating for comfort, althought cannot claim to be an expert as ive not had diagnosed problems with depression.

I have kind of had to teach myself about portion sizes/eating when hungry doing sw. I would suggest eating three decent sized meals a day- enough to fill a dinner plate - and maybe having a few snacks in between as a start. Try to make the snacks superfree. I do this and generally if i feel hungry outside of this ask myself if im really hungry. If my tummy is rumbling and i have a headache, im generally hungry and ill have something. If i think is something else, i will wait a while and do the same thing again, am i really hungry? Its not something that happens overnight and i have found it a challenge to teach myself to do this. But it is possible.

I know how you feel on syns, somethings like choccie, i cant just have a taste of sometimes. Theres nothing wrong with using your syns in meals if you think that will work, i like having stuff like white bread, fish in batter, sauces etc if i dont fancy using them on crisps chocolate etc.


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I have lost 97lb in total and at target. I am never hungry, and never have been.

Do you follow the plan 100%? - how do you struggle with syns?

I suspect you are not eating enough superfree. You do realise superfree is unlimited?

Stick to 5-15 syns. Then if necessary eat unlimited fruit & veg. Drink gallons of water, eat dozens of carrot, apples, etc.

Read and re-read your books and hammer the superfree.


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I don't think the issue us hunger for food.
I thunk the issue is emotional a hunger for love, support, affection whatever.
The problem is it will never be enough, even if you had lots of love support and comfort it wouldn't be enough, someone would let you down/not be there one time and you would feel crap again.

We all need to learn to look inside ourselves for strength and understanding. Sometimes we forgive other peoples flaws far more readily than we accept our own. We need to be able to accept what we are responsible for and not look for someone or something to blame.

I had counselling a few years ago and one thing that helped was writing a feelings and events journal. First you write down how you feel, pour it all out, then write what went on that day... Did events trigger the feelings? If so why? Was it someones fault or did you over react? If it was their fault was it intentional? If you feel brave enough then confront the person if not (and I never could or can) write them a letter let it all out, then read it (out loud if you can) then destroy it shred it/ burn it whatever. Then write everything that was good about that day even if it was just a cheery smile from a stranger!
Meditate in the good and endeavour to be someone elses 'good moment' tomorrow.

Sorry if ive gone off on a bit of a tangent! But this helped me. Xxxx

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