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Am back & I need a huge kick up the arse!!

Hey everyone,

Imagine alot of you i wont have come across.. so hi to you and to any of the oldies! ;)

i lost the bulk of my weigh last year and the beginning of this year and got down to the 9's- was soooooooooo happy!!!

But after 2-3 months of complete indulgence im back to 11 :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
I have tried re starting countless times- every monday when i see my CDC but can never get past the sugar demons in the first week.

I really really really need motivating!!!!

so any kicks up the bum in my direction would be very gratefully received...im running out of ideas.

I hope those that rwad are having good weeks!

charlotte xxx
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Melting the fat
-has taken her shoes of under her desk so doesn't think a kick would hurt much-

good luck with your re-start, you did amazingly well last time I am sure it will be repeated again.


reaching my goal
I know how you feel ive lost weight on a vlcd before and within a month of total indulgence i have gained 11lbs . I went and saw my cdc on 30th august intending to start on the 31st well it didnt go to plan and my need for food was more thn my need for being slim at that point. Anyway today im back on form with my head in the right place . I dont want to keep dieting for the rest of my life . Well lottie why dont you ask your self why it is you want to lose the weight , will you feel better being slim or being bigger ? Write it all down so that you can see in front of you the reasons why ! Hope this helps you . good luck
i have these conversations in my head everyday except ive never written them down, i will do that, i felt amazing when i was in the 9's i felt slim, i loved my curves, i could put anything on and wear it well and i loved the compliments, im now back to being my sorry self again and im missing that confidence i had gained.

Im at work and have been fighting off the need to eat biscuits all day!!! Ive not even gone 24 hours and im craving so badly!! this is what i struggle with but i know i cant let myself get any bigger!!!

arghhhhhhh, i do annoy myself!! lol!

thanks for the motivation though rose :)
I know how you feel!!

I went into the 10's ! and now heavier! I am starting today and 2 shakes down.. yes craving the usuals but will NOT be defeated.

Christmas season will soon be upon us with parties! and we WILL get into our dresses !

:D xxx

You CAN do this!
Consider yourself booted and spanked Hun :D. Don't take it one day at a time, take it one hour at a time as we all know the first week is the hardest. You can do this, like Mrs Essex say think about your Xmas dress..good luck xx
I ate the buscuits at work yesterday..... :( and then a few more!! (6!!)

Today im 100% so far, mrs essex i think your right, one hour at a time!!!

I felt so much happier and confident then, i didnt hold back in anyway and now im the opposite, cant even look at photos of the weekend because i hate them, i really can see the difference :( im back to not wanting to wear sleevless tops too which is another issue i used to have,big sad faces as im thinking about it, i could kick my own arse i feel so annoyed with myself.

How u all getting on today?? xxx


reaching my goal
Well you are not alone i nibbled on some bread last night and had a handful of choclate buttons . Today im 100% and thats the way i intend to go on i cant keep starting then failing diets . I want to enjoy xmas and look good to .

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